Hi and welcome to iGottaRide!

My name is Dario and I’m a passionate cyclist and an online business owner and here’s my story!

My Story


I was always passionate about bicycles and cycling and I can remember being on a bike from a fairly young age. It’s hard to imagine myself not being around bikes no matter how young I was.

Even though I started mostly riding mountain bikes, I discovered a true passion for road bikes. I’m also very passionate about technology and when the electric bikes started booming – I got really interested in them as well.

I went from not knowing how to do anything on my bike (except riding it) to slowly doing the basic maintenance and then doing the most complex repairs or builds.

There’s always something new, interesting, and exciting about cycling. It’s not only about cycling, but also about the bicycles and equipment/accessories too.

If you browsed my blog already, you could notice a wide variety of posts, and here are the main categories I cover:

  • Bike repairs & maintenance
  • Road & mountain bikes
  • Bike accessories & equipment
  • Electric bikes

When I’m not writing about bicycles or riding my bicycles, you can find me working on my content marketing business or sharing business advice¬†on my main blog.

iGottaRide’s Mission

When I started this blog, my main mission was to provide knowledge on performing the most basic bike maintenance.

I always felt like I couldn’t do anything on my bike myself and honestly, I was even afraid to not “mess up” anything on my precious road bike. I was sure that many other fellow riders have been feeling the same – but going to the bike shop for the most basic things seemed ridiculous to me.

With this mission in mind, I wrote dozens of posts on basic and regular bike maintenance but also easy & complex repairs.

From there, I started doing what I truly like which is reviewing bike accessories and equipment. If you’re a fellow cyclist, you would know that you can never be satisfied with what you’ve got, right? Cycling can be an expensive hobby!

But minding my budget and doing these reviews helped me share my experience and knowledge so other riders know what to expect from certain products and where to put their money into.

Lastly, with the boom of electric bikes, I was intrigued and I learned that eBikes aren’t something that will come and go. They’re here to stay and they’re very useful and convenient in many scenarios. Therefore, I started covering eBikes, their accessories, and I even wrote guides that will help riders learn more about electric bicycles.

I do my best to help everyone out and provide my knowledge & experience for free, but I have to mention that you might see affiliate links in some places on this blog. Following these links won’t cost you anything and yet it will help cover the running costs of iGottaRide.

If you have any questions, need any help, or would like to get in touch with me – feel free to use the contact form to send me an email!

All the best,