Bakcou Mule Review – Everything to Know Before Purchase!


It’s no secret that electric bikes are extremely popular among hunters. There are even brands that produce quality hunting eBikes and that’s what this Bakcou Mule review is all about!

Whether you’re a hunter or you’re just looking for a quality and durable eBike that can take you off-road without having to worry about the range – ┬áthis is the eBike you’re looking for!

With an affordable price and outstanding performance, it’s no doubt that Mule is one of the most popular choices in Bakcou’s eBike lineup.

Down below, you’ll find everything you might didn’t know about the Mule but also how it would benefit you as a rider – so keep on reading!

Who is Bakcou?

Bakcou is just one of a couple of brands whose missing is to design and manufacture one of the most rugged electric bikes that are suitable for the wilderness, off-road riding, and even hunting.

Their eBikes are most known for uncompromised quality, quality design & use of high-end components, and most importantly – the affordable price.

But Bakcou is just more than a manufacturer. They’re a brand that’s established on three core principles:

  • 1st Principle – love for the backcountry and desire to access remote areas on a bike
  • 2nd Principle – a passion to design the most durable yet efficient eBike for off-road
  • 3rd Principle – being built by the sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts who are highly competitive

There’s no doubt why some of the most popular off-road eBikes are made by Bakcou. Personally, I am a big fan of the brand (even though I’m not associated with them).

It’s the quality and the build quality combined with an affordable price that’s a great investment even for the most average eBike rider.

Therefore, keep on reading to check out the Bakcou Mule review as you are able to find everything you didn’t know!

Bakcou Mule Review

Bakcou Mule is one of the most popular off-road electric bikes on the market, but it’s also increasing in popularity among hunters who have just discovered the true power of the stealthiness and extended range of the Mule eBike.

Two Frame Designs


The first thing I should mention (as I noticed not many riders are aware of this) is that there are two frame designs for the Bakcou Mule.

There is a standard frame design as in the image above which is based on an 18″ frame. Therefore, this frame fits riders who are 5’9″ and taller.

If you’re not as tall, the second frame design is a Step-Through design that features a low crossbar so it’s suitable for riders under 5’9″.

Bafang Mid-Drive Motor & Panasonic Battery


Bakcou Mule is built using only high-end components and this shows the most in the power and battery choice.

Mule comes with a mid-drive Bafang motor that’s combined with a Panasonic extended-range battery.

But I believe the best thing is the versatility Bakcou offers. You get to choose between two power options: 750W or 1000W and between three battery options: 14.5Ah, 17.4Ah, and 21Ah.

Depending on the power and battery option you choose – the average range you can achieve on a full battery charge is about 40 miles. Considering that this eBike is made for off-road, I believe that the range is exceptional!

Easy to Control


No matter the power/battery combination you choose, you’ll always get an insight into the most important information via the LCD display that’s placed at the stem bar.

I believe that the LCD display is one of the most modern versions currently available on the market, and yet it’s really brilliant at displaying the most important information without getting you distracted.

This information will include the available range, speed, average speed, and a couple of additional features.

High-End Build Quality (Made to Last!)

Bakcou Mule is just made differently. It’s made for the off-road and it’s made to handle the elements, abuse, and wear & tear other eBikes would be prone to when they hop off the trail.

This will give you more freedom and the ability to venture into regions and areas you otherwise didn’t even consider visiting.

A durable aluminum alloy frame will provide durability while battling harsh weather conditions, and well-known Maxxis Minion tires will keep you going. But personally, I think the best thing is that you won’t have to ever worry about getting a puncture as the Bakcou installed a puncture-proof lining between the tube and the tire.

Ability to Store and Carry a Lot of Gear


If you’re one of the potential eBike riders who worry about storage the most – this should be the last thing to worry you about with the Mule.

Mule comes with a custom-fit rear rack, fenders, front light, and tire liners. However, there are also additional accessories you can purchase from Bakcou to “upgrade” your storage.

If you’re a hunter or someone who is most likely going to need more storage than a pannier bag or a rack – I highly recommend checking out the cargo trailer that fits this eBike perfectly.

Great Choice of Colors


Not only Bakcou ensured that you get a choice of power and battery, but it also went a step further to ensure every rider gets a finish that matches their style.

Therefore, Bakcou Mule is available in 6 different colors:

  • White
  • Desert Tan
  • Matte Black
  • Badlands
  • Kuiu Verde Camo
  • Kryptek Altitude

However, I should let you know that some colors are extremely popular among off-road riders that you should either hurry up or pre-order the desired finish (if it’s out of stock at the moment).

I am a big fan of camo finishes available, but matte black is really attractive, I must admit! I know one thing for sure.

You’ll have a hard time making a decision!

Get it Now!

How Much Does Bakcou Mule Cost?


Bakcou Mule provides a lot of benefits and even gives an advantage to everyone who loves feeling the adrenaline rush of going off the trail.

The price is of Bakcou Mule is $4,398. I agree that the price might seem high at first, but hopefully, you consider all the features and benefits of Mule I’ve mentioned in the review. Also, keep in mind that Mule has many other benefits that will benefit everyone in a different way (depending on the use).

But one thing is for sure. You won’t regret the purchase once you test-ride the Mule!

I would also highly recommend you to check the eBikeGeneration financing plan as it can help you pay for the Mule monthly (without interest). Therefore, Mule will only cost you $123/month and yet it’ll pay itself off almost immediately.

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I don’t think there’s any other eBike available on the market that will be able to take you off the trail and deep into the wilderness so effortlessly – especially considering the price!

Of course, there will always be higher-end eBikes that might break your bank, but I believe the Mule has a great value-to-cost ratio.

And of course, no one will be able to take off your ear-to-ear smile after you take Mule for the first ride. Whether you’re going hunting, fishing, or just having fun off the road – Mule’s versatility fits anyone!

What is your favorite feature mentioned in this Bakcou Mule review? Do you think $123/month (with no interest) is a fair price?

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