Best 750 Watt Electric Bike You Can Get


Electric bikes provide lots of benefits and while you can choose a motor, 750W is often the most popular option. Therefore, if you are looking for the best 750 watt electric bike, you’re in the right place!

In this post, I will show you everything you need to know about 750 watt eBikes and I’ll also review one of the best 750W eBikes.

On top of that, I’ll also share with you a great way to finance your new electric bike so you don’t break the bank and yet you get to take full advantage of the eBike’s benefits!

Why is a 750 Watt Electric Bike the Best Option for Most People?


750 watt electric bike is the best option because it is in the mid-range of power and this brings benefits such as better control, stability, and manueverability.

On top of that, 750 watt electric bikes are lighter than more powerful eBikes, and yet they still distribute weight evenly so good traction is guaranteed.

750 watts is more than enough power and according to eBike classes that most countries and states have to follow, 750W is often limited by the top speed to ensure 750W eBikes are legal for the road.

In combination with a quality battery, 750W motor can provide a great range so you won’t ever have to feel the “anxiety range” as you’re on your way home.

While 500W might be too slow for some, 750W is the perfect mid-range if you’re unsure how powerful an eBike you require.

How Fast Can a 750 Watt Bike Go?


If you are wondering about the speed, you shouldn’t worry if you go with a 750 watt bike.

750 watt electric bike can achieve a speed of about 30 miles per hour with the limit in place to meet one of the eBike class types to match the eBike rules in your state.

However, some off-road 750W eBikes that don’t have a limit (or can have a limit removed) can go a lot faster. But of course, whenever you plan on riding your eBike on the road, the limit should be in place, or else you risk getting a fine for not meeting the road rules.

Therefore, speed shouldn’t be the deciding factor since 750W powerful enough to even haul a fully loaded trailer.

Best 750 Watt Electric Bike

As the best 750 watt electric bike, I chose Rambo Roamer 750W XC. It offers great versatility, lots of power, great handling, and plenty of accessories for the price it costs. Keep on reading to find everything you need to know about it before making a decision!

High Torque Motor


Rambo Roamer comes with a perfect 750W motor which is a Bafang mid-drive high-torque motor. It’s a motor with a sealed drivetrain which ensures quietness and robustness while you roam with the Roamer even deep in the wilderness.

High performance is guaranteed and in combination with other components, Roamer offers extreme performance right when you need it the most.

Long Range Battery


In combination with the 750W Bafang motor, Roamer eBike comes with a Samsung high-capacity that’s also ruggedized.

This Samsung battery is a 48V 14Ah battery and in combination with a 750W motor, you can achieve a range of up to 35 miles on a single charge.

If you help yourself with the pedal assistance, you can increase the range a lot more. However, if you depend on the throttle for your whole ride, the range will be slightly lower.

Of course, you should also understand that other factors such as weather conditions and even terrain type can affect the range.

However, Roamer comes with a very solid combination of a motor and battery which offers a steady performance. Also, you can always know how much range you have left thanks to the convenient display that comes with the eBike.

Anti-Puncture Tires and Extreme Comfort


The robust Rambo Roamer eBike comes equipped with premium components and tires are one of these components.

Not only do they look powerful on the Roamer eBike, but they’re also very useful at roaming off the road, or exploring the off-road paths, and even going where you’ve never been which can be a location deep in the wilderness.

These off-road tires are Kenda Krusader 4″ wide tires that come with anti-puncture technology. For added comfort, Roamer also features GT MRK front fork suspension, 700mm Promax handlebars for better manueverability, and even Velo ergonomic grips. Quality ride, great riding experience, and comfort are guaranteed.

On top of that, Roamer comes equipped with a Justec saddle and Neco pedals for the much-needed grip during riding.

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Throttle with Pedal Assistance


Rambo Roamer 750W is equipped with both throttle button and pedal assistance. This means that you can either choose to power your eBike with the throttle (press of a button), or you can power it by pedaling.

When you pedal, pedal assistance helps your motor generate the power to ensure you don’t waste much of your energy, and yet your ride is efficient.

While throttle can consume your battery much faster, pedal assistance can actually prolong it and increase the average predicted range of the Roamer.

Such a combination doesn’t only allow you to have more fun but also get the best range out of the best 750 watt electric bike, but it’s also great to ensure this eBike always meets the Class so you can legally ride it on the road.

Top of the Line Components


Rambo Roamer 750W eBike is equipped with premium components that ensure great stopping power, great capabilities, improved manueverability, and even better control when you’re taking it to its maximum.

The Bafang screen that comes with the Roamer is super useful as it provides you all information you need regarding the eBike.

On top of that, the earlier mentioned equipment which ensures a better comfort level is a great addition too.

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Best Way to Finance the Best 750 Watt Electric Bike


Going for a quality eBike is not going to be cheap and yet it’s an investment that is definitely going to pay off.

Saving some money and going for a cheaper alternative is never a great deal because it will most likely end up costing you more to run than the quality eBike.

However, it’s no secret that quality eBikes are pricey.

Luckily, retailers such as eBikeGeneration have partnered with financial institutions to provide great financing plans with no interest.

Rambo Roamer costs $3,499.99. However, purchasing the Roamer through a financing plan will only cost you about $250/month. If you use this eBike to replace your motorized vehicle, you can definitely save a lot of money and have the Roamer eBike pay itself off!

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Rambo Roamer is probably the best 750 watt electric bike because it is built on a ruggedized frame, and is assembled with top-of-the-line components.

Considering the price, it is really a valuable eBike that is really worth the price. And with a proper financing plan, you can get it and enjoy it while you pay monthly.

It’s not the most powerful eBike, but it’s very reliable, it provides a great riding experience, and it can take you anywhere you wish!

What do you like the most about Rambo Roamer 750W? Do you think the financing plan is super useful?

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