Best All Terrain Electric Bike You Can Get


Electric bikes aren’t only there to help you save energy and go from A to B without breaking a sweat. If you are an adventurous person who would like to replace an MTB with an eBike – the best all terrain electric bike is what you need!

In this post, you will find some of the benefits of a full-suspension electric bike that won’t only provide great grip when you go off the trail, but will also provide an enjoyable and comfortable ride.

Down below, you can find one of the best all terrain eBikes on the market that can go anywhere you want it to go!

Benefits of All Terrain Electric Bikes

All terrain electric bikes allow you to go a lot further than the trails. If there’s an unexplored part of the land that you’ve always wanted to visit yet have no idea how to approach it – all terrain electric bike is the solution.

Not only do all terrain eBikes offer great suspension that will keep your ride soft and smooth, but they also provide bigger wheels, wider tires, and enough power so you don’t have to worry wherever it is you go.

In combination with quality components and features that benefit the comfort and safety of such rides, all terrain electric bikes also offer a lot more power than regular electric bikes. Therefore, you’ll find that some of all terrain electric bikes offer a lot more than only 750 or 1000 watts of power.

But one benefit that most people don’t even spot at first is the all-wheel drive. All terrain requires a lot more torque. Rather than having one motor, some all terrain electric bikes feature two motors that provide power to both wheels.

This increases stability and it helps eBike riders travel through the worst of the worst terrains without a problem.

Ready to find out my pick for the best all terrain electric bike that you can get on the market? Keep on reading!

Best All Terrain Electric Bike

All terrain electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they look great, but they also feel a lot better when you ride them regardless of the terrain type.

I believe that the best all terrain electric bike is Rambo Megatron for a couple of reasons. Keep on reading to find out what these reasons are!

The Most Powerful eBike


If you’re looking for the most powerful eBike, you’re looking at it! Rambo Megatron is classified as a 1000W eBike, but it features two motors instead of one.

This makes it a 2000W electric bike. But why does it have two motors?

Rambo Megatron has two quality Bafang 1000W motors because it outputs the power on both wheels, making this an all-wheel drive eBike.

Having power on both wheels improves stability, evenly distributes the weight of the eBike, and provides twice better traction as both wheels will dig into any terrain you ride on.

Two Batteries for Even Better Range


Along with two motors, Rambo comes with two batteries. It can sound crazy, but Rambo is definitely taking it to another level by manufacturing the ultimate eBike beast.

Megatron is powered by two quality Samsung 48V 17Ah batteries. These batteries help ensure that the excessive power doesn’t shorten the average range you can cover using this eBike.

I should also mention that this is the lithium-ion battery which is also considered to be one of the qualities batteries produced by Samsung.

Not only do these two batteries manage the range, but they even exceed the range. It’s hard to believe this until you actually experience it – but you can cover about 80 miles on a single charge with the Megatron eBike.

It looks like Rambo is definitely setting high goals with only one eBike and I definitely love it!

You Choose How You Ride

Rambo Megatron comes with two hub motors and since this is a fairly new technology for electric bikes, so is the new feature that comes associated with dual-motor use.

With the Megatron, you get a controller that allows you to choose how would you the motors operate. If you would like to get the most power out of the Megatron, you would choose to use both motors.

However, you can also choose to use only the front hub motor or the rear hub motor. This allows you to save more energy which increases the range you can cover on a single charge.

But what is the maximum speed you can achieve? It’s about 30 mph which is definitely slightly higher than the average eBike top speed.

No matter which powering option you choose, you will be able to put as much power as you need on the wheels via the thumb throttle.

Tough and Durable


What do you think of Rambo Megatron when you look at it?

I see a rugged and powerful design, combined with very attractive looks and an even more attractive powering option. The reinforced frame is built using aluminum alloy material which is very durable and reliable and yet is pretty lightweight.

Therefore, Megatron only weighs about 77 lbs which is pretty good considering it has two motors and two batteries.

Also worth mentioning is that the Megatron is based on the medium frame (19.7″) which makes the standover height 31.6″.

I believe that with such design and power, you won’t have an issue hauling a trailer behind you. Especially considering that the Megatron’s weight capacity is nearly 300 lbs.

High-End Components


No matter from what angle you look at the Megatron, you’ll always see the top-end components. The components I’m talking about are full-color display that’ll help you catch up with all insights into your eBike with only one glance.

GT MRK 355 Air 26″ front fork is there to provide comfort so riding past the point where trails stop is definitely possible (without feeling any discomfort).

For the stopping power, Tektro 4 piston disc brakes are in charge to ensure that you come to a complete stop in seconds whenever you reach the top speed.

I’m a big fan of the handlebars (7ROMAX 770mm) which provide great width. You can feel the improvement in the maneuverability so you won’t ever feel like you aren’t in control of this power eBike, no matter where you ride.

However, the biggest benefit is the Maxxis Minion 26″ x 4.8″ tires that look really big in person (photo doesn’t do it justice).

Accessories Included


Even though the price can seem extremely high for an eBike, it’s good to know that you’ll get plenty of accessories that include a rear fender, front fender, and a rear rack.

Therefore, you won’t have to look and invest in any additional accessories you might need. If you’d like to haul a trailer, you already have the rack and then you only need to choose the trailer you prefer.

Get it Now!

How Much Does the Best All Terrain Electric Bike Costs?


The price of Rambo Megatron can definitely shock people, so there’s no way around it. How much is the best all terrain electric bike going to cost you?

Rambo Megatron costs $6,999.99. However, if you find a good retailer such as eBikeGeneration, you can get a 7% discount which might not seem a lot at first, but it can save you $500 off.

Therefore, Rambo Megatron is going to cost you $6,499.99.

This still might seem a lot, but remember that Megatron is the one-of-a-kind eBike that features two motors, two batteries, and can output 2000W of power on both wheels.

Therefore, it’s an investment that is very much worth it. If you’re really interested in Megatron and yet you can’t stop looking at the price, I recommend going for a financing plan.

eBikeGeneration offers a great financing plan that has no interest and yet allows you to pay monthly. Therefore, you can get Megatron and only pay $181/month!

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Whether you’re looking for the best all terrain electric bike on the market or you’re looking for the most powerful one – Rambo Megatron ticks all the boxes.

It’s really hard to not be tempted by Megatron’s innovative features that help produce twice the power of an average eBike.

The range is not an issue no longer, and even if it was, you can easily solve it by getting a backup battery or using a solar charger.

Rambo outdid themselves in every way possible by manufacturing Megatron eBike. Therefore, the value to price ratio is definitely worth considering purchasing this eBike!

What is your favorite feature of the Rambo Megatron? Did you ever test the most powerful eBike on the market?

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