Best Bike Chain Cleaner – That Won’t Break The Bank!


Most riders don’t ever think of cleaning their chain and are usually satisfied when they have it cleaned by the local shop as a part of bike maintenance. But if you never cleaned your chain, you probably don’t know about the best bike chain cleaner that could help you save hundreds of dollars.

The chain is one of the most important moving parts of the bike and a greasy or rusty chain won’t get you far. Not only it will add resistance to your rides, but it could wear out or even damage other components.

Cleaning a chain is fairly simple, as long as you prepare yourself with proper tools. In this article, I’ll show you a chain cleaner tool that can save you time, save you money, and keep your chain shiny in under 10 minutes!

Park Tool Professional CM-25 Bicycle Chain Cleaner

Park Tool is one of the most known companies in the industry, but even if we remove their brand name out of here – CM-25 bicycle chain cleaner is still one of the best available on the market.

The CM-25 features a die-cast case of aluminum, a sponge/brush replacement cartridge, and handle which allows you to wrap it around your chain and clean it effortlessly by moving the pedals backward.

I’ve noticed that CM-25 chain cleaner can also increase the smoothness of your chain which is noticeable once all grease is removed. With its four-sided scrubbing action, it can clean the chain thoroughly in just under 10 minutes.

Unlike other similar chain cleaning tools, the wicking pads of CM-25 and the double-sided sponges can decrease drips so you won’t have a mess on your hands.

What’s also worth mentioning is that this tool is 100% rebuildable and serviceable – so even though the price can seem a bit higher at first, it’s a long-term investment that’s very well worth the price.

Personally, I trust CM-25 chain cleaner a lot that I even clean the chain in-doors without worrying about staining up my carpet.

If you didn’t clean your chain in a while – it might take a bit longer, even when using the CM-25 chain cleaner. But once you get into the routine of cleaning your chain on a regular basis – you’ll immediately notice the smooth improvement during your rides.

After every cleaning session, the sponge cartridge and brush easily and quickly click in/out for replacement and cleaning. All you have to do is empty the dirty water, clean the brushes, and store it for another use.

Best Bike Chain Cleaner Features

  • Improves shifting which extends the life and performance of drivetrain components
  • Wicking pad and double-sided sponges decrease dripping
  • Durable A380 die-cast case of aluminum along with detachable handle
  • Sponge and brush cartridge is replaceable
  • Lasts long

Understand the Importance of Clean Chain

It is essential to keep the chain of your bike clean to improve the performance of your bike.

With the use of a bike chain scrubber, you can wipe off the grease, extra lube, and debris. And what’s even better with Park Tool chain cleaner is that it is now an advanced version with a lot of additional features.

No doubt, there are many other cheaper variants that work on the same principle as this chain cleaner.

But considering their inefficiency and the mess they can create – they’re nowhere near CM-25 which is considered to be a professional chain scrubber.

Not only it is made from die-cast aluminum, but it also works far better than knock-off brands that just copy the design of this tool.

Upgraded Cleaning System

Along with the metal exterior, CM-25 features an upgraded system of cleaning. You will get an extra sponge and two wipers. It gives a healthy scrub to all sides of the chain while keeping the degreaser in the scrubber.

Therefore, you can forget about spraying a degreaser manually, using the sponge or a toothbrush for the parts you usually can’t reach.

I believe that the reason why CM-25 is the best chain cleaning tool out there is the efficiency that eliminates mess. Once you run the chain using other scrubbers tools, degreaser tens to drip out or splash out on the jerks and inside the entire unit. And no one likes dirty degreaser spilling anywhere, right?

The extra wipers and sponges do an excellent job on CM-25, especially considering this situation. It can soak up extra liquid because the chain leaves its housing.

However, keep in mind wipers and sponges are not connected to trays. They may be cleaned individually and removed as per requirements.

Even grease encrusted and nasty mud chains can come out clean – and it has been tested. In short, CM-25 can be a suitable choice for its bombproof quality and smooth change internals.


  • Solid Construction
  • Perfectly do its job
  • Several replaceable parts


  • A bit more expensive than other models

Chain Cleaning with Park Tool CM-25

You can’t use anything to clean the chain of your bicycle. Just like it’s harmful to your chain and other components to use wrong cleaning products.

Park Tool chain cleaner isn’t just the most efficient chain cleaner out there – but it’s also the easiest one to use.

With a degreaser, you can clean a chain manually. But if you’ve ever tried that – you would know how hard tough of a job it can be.

Finding a specific degreaser made for chains is a good way to go. And even though this option is a bit more expensive than other degreases – it’s totally worth it.

In an outside area, spray the work surface with some water to remove contaminants and grease. Before cleaning a chain, check it for any damage with CC-3.2. If your chain is in good condition, you can continue a cleaning procedure.

As we all know, chains are the moving part of a bike that has its lifespan. Cleaning your bike chain regularly can improve its lifespan – but you should still check for any other damage.

If your chain is damaged beyond a service life, you will have to replace the chain.

However, if your chain is in good condition and all it needs is a good clean – here’s what you have to do.

Attach CM-25 chain cleaner to the bottom of the chain while ensuring that the chain sets are entirely in the chain cleaner’s brushes. Use solvent to fill the chain cleaner and turn the pedals backward for almost about 30 revolutions.

Once you are done, remove the chain cleaning tool and pour the entire solvent in a separate container. That’s how simple it is and it’s definitely a process that takes less than 10 minutes.

But for more information, useful tips, and the price of Park Tool CM-25 chain cleaner, click here!


Did you ever try cleaning your chain only to end up in a messy situation where you regret even trying to do it yourself?

If you went with the best bike chain cleaner on the market – you could easily prevent this from happening.

Therefore, I’m not joking when I say that CM-25 chain cleaning tool saves money, time, and makes your chain shiny and ready for lubrication at the same time.

It can be tempting to go for knock-offs that feature the same design – but the quality of the case, internal brushes, and the other components can just lead to more mess than usual. Park Tool can be an investment – but it’s an investment that will last and you won’t ever regret the choice.

Did you ever successfully clean your bike chain? What degreaser did you use?

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