Best Cruiser eBike for the Summer Rides


Cruiser bikes are not the most popular bike type, but they are always fun to drive. When you’re on one, relaxation and a chill ride are guaranteed. Combine that with an electric motor, and you’ll get an even more exciting ride experience – and if that’s what you’re looking for, I have one of the best cruiser eBikes for you!

Not only will you find a review of one of the best cruiser eBikes on the market right now, but you’ll also learn more about cruiser bikes in general and cruiser electric bikes.

Therefore, keep on reading as you won’t be disappointed!

What is a Cruiser eBike?


Cruiser eBike is a bike that’s based on the typical cruiser bicycle frame yet is reinforced and is built in a way to support a motor and a battery.

With such improvements, your favorite bike type is now available as an electric version which will make rides even more fun.

And if you’ve been looking to get an electric bike and you’d like to keep the best features of a cruiser bike, that is a possibility.

In this review, you’ll find one of the best cruiser eBikes on the market that retains the swept-back handlebars, large plush saddle, and a relaxed riding position with larger tires for better comfort.

Can You Make a Cruiser Bike Electric?


If you already own a cruiser bike, you probably wondered if you could make it an electric bike.

There are plenty of low-quality kits that can convert a bike into an electric bike, but unfortunately, this isn’t going to work out for a cruiser bike.

Even if you get the motor installed in the rear hub of the wheel, you will struggle to find space for battery on the cruiser bike because of its frame design and lack of storage space.

Also, the rear hub motor won’t do a cruiser bike justice so it’s better to invest some money and get a really quality electric. cruiser bike.

If you already own a cruiser bike, you can sell it and upgrade to the electric version easily!

What is the Best Cruiser eBike?


In my opinion, the best cruiser eBike is the Emojo Hurricane. This is a pretty powerful eBike that is rugged enough to support the additional weight of a motor and the battery, and yet it provides perfect placement for both components.

Keep on reading to find out the best Emojo Hurricane features and benefits below!

Traditional Styling


Emojo Hurricane was able to reintroduce the cruiser frame design and yet add new touches to it so it can hold a battery and motor in the center of the eBike.

Regardless of that, this beach eBike features a modern and stylish frame with comfort in mind. You won’t ever have to worry about back pain, pain in the groin area, or handlebars that are hard to reach.

An upright riding position is guaranteed to suit the needs of daily riders with improved eBike features making this the best cruiser eBike on the market.

Powerful Motor with Dual Powering Option


Even though the motor doesn’t take a lot of space, it is a 500W motor that’s combined with a large 36V 10.4Ah battery that’s wisely placed just behind the frame.

I like how Emojo was able to keep the stylish and comfortable frame design and yet still find room to place the motor and the battery.

The motor comes with a dual powering option which means that you can enjoy the fun of an electric bike using the thumb throttle, or you can also help the eBike by using the pedals.

Even though thumb throttle is a lot more fun, it’s not always a suitable option. On the other hand, pedal-assist will help increase the range of an eBike and yet still give you the daily exercise where you won’t have to break the sweat!

Very Great Range

If you’re in doubt or you’re worried that you won’t be able to manage range efficiently, you don’t have anything to worry about with Emojo Hurricane.

Hurricane cruiser eBike provides a great range of about 30 miles on average (on a single charge) so you will never experience range anxiety or get yourself stranded on the longer rides.

The lithium-ion battery is provided by Samsung so you won’t have to worry about the quality of the battery. The range will always be displayed in real-time on the convenient display so you won’t have to do any calculations by yourself.

Great Gearing System

In combination with the pedal assist, Emojo Hurricane comes with a 7-speed Shimano gearing system. When you want to have more control of the eBike, you can combine pedal assist and take advantage of the easy gearing system.

Even though cruiser bikes aren’t made to be quick, Emojo ensured that Hurricane combines comfort with speed for even better ride experiences.

Convenient Display


All information is conveniently displayed on the display that comes integrated with the Hurricane eBike.

On the display, you can find information such as speed, power left, estimated range left, throttle or PAS mode, and much other information.

With a quick glance at the display, you’ll know exactly how much range you have left so you always make it home safely.

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Plenty of Additional Accessories


On top of the convenient display that’s integrated with the eBike, you will get front and rear fenders, chain protector, front light, comfortable leather handlebar grips, and leather saddle.

Non-slip pedals are also a great addition as well as the seat post that’s easy to adjust without any tool requirements.

Perfect Maximum Weight


Even though the cruiser is not made to transport much equipment, it can handle up to 245 lbs (including the rider’s weight).

While the eBike only weighs about 52 lbs, you can add a rack or even attach a rear trailer and haul some light equipment without having to worry if the eBike can handle it.

The powerful motor will definitely tow the trailer or anything else you take with you on the eBike.

So not only you’ll get a comfortable bike that will get you far (while providing a lot more fun) without breaking a sweat, but you’ll also have a way to transport stuff if you ever need to.

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Best Way to Finance a Cruiser eBike


It’s no secret that Emojo Hurricane is a pricey electric bike. However, the reinvention and introduction of electric components aren’t cheap.

But even before you think that Emojo Cruiser is out of your budget, here’s a smart way to purchase an electric bike.

Great electric bike online stores such as eBikeGeneration often provide financing plans. You get to choose the financing plan and yet most of them provide a 0% interest and yet allow you to pay monthly (on average about $200-$250) and still get your eBike delivered as soon as possible.

This is really a great way to save some money even if you have a decent budget. With a 0% interest rate, you will be able to slowly pay it off without having the price affect your bank account.

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Conclusion – Best Cruiser eBike

Finding the best cruiser eBike can still be a little bit tough as there aren’t that many quality cruiser eBikes available on the market.

However, I believe they’re in the making and I’m glad to see Emojo taking the step further by introducing a cruiser electric bike.

If you purchase it using a 0% interest financing plan, you can enjoy your cruiser eBike as soon as it is delivered to your door and yet you won’t even have to worry about making the payments since it’s affordable.

What is your favorite feature of the Emojo Hurricane cruiser eBike? Where would you take it for a ride?

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