Best eBike for Heavy Riders


Electric bikes provide tons of benefits and if you’d like to combine your strength and yet get a bit of help from the eBike, you’re looking for the best eBike for heavy riders.

But how do you find one and what do you have to look out for?

If these are some of the questions you’ve been asking yourself, you’re in the right place. Down below, I’ll show you how to choose an ideal eBike as a heavy rider, but also the average weight an eBike can carry and even an eBike that’s the best fit for heavier riders – so keep on reading!

What is the Best Electric Bike for Heavy Riders?


The best electric bike for heavy riders is always the one that’s built on the rough frame base, designed according to the reinforced mountain bike design, and the one that comes with plenty of features to support the weight.

Therefore, here is the list of things you should look out for on an eBike:

  • Frame material and design
  • Power and Range
  • Rims and tires

Aluminum is often the best frame material choice because it’s lightweight and yet it’s highly durable. If designed properly, an eBike with a reinforced aluminum frame can handle a great weight capacity.

Power and range are always important. A bit more powerful eBike with a long-distance battery is a wise choice. You will get a great range and still be able to achieve a top speed regardless of your weight.

Rims and tires are also important as wider rims with fat tires can handle more weight so you won’t only be able to ride comfortably, but you’ll also have plenty of room to carry additional accessories with you.

These are the three most important things to pay attention to and before I review one of the best eBikes for heavy riders, here’s a quick overview of the average eBike weight capacity.

What Weight Can an Electric Bike Carry?


Electric bikes tend to weigh on average 50 lbs, mostly because of the reinforced frame, motor, battery, and a couple of other components.

If this seems heavy, wait until you hear the maximum carrying capacity of an average eBike. Durable and well-built eBikes can carry about 300 lbs of weight.

This includes the rider’s weight, but also the additional weight if you decide to store anything on your eBike. However, keep in mind that you can connect a cargo trailer to your eBike and expand the maximum weight capacity, as long as your eBike’s powerful enough to pull all the weight.

Best eBike for Heavy Riders

The best part of this review is the review of one of the best eBikes for heavy riders. Keep in mind that this is my personal choice, but it is also the eBike that fits every criterion mentioned above.

Therefore keep on reading to learn everything you need to know about Rungu Dualie Steep!

Rungu Dualie Steep Review


Powerful Motor and Long-Range Battery

Rungu Dualie Steep doesn’t only look badass, but it is also built like a true badass. It features a powerful Bafang mid-drive motor that outputs 1120 watts of power.

This motor is well combined with a large 52V 15Ah battery. With such a combination, you will still be able to get a very decent range of a minimum of 40 miles (considering full throttle is used at all times).

The range will also depend on the riding style, weather conditions, type of terrain you ride, and additional weight you carry on the eBike.

Ultra-Wide Fat Tires


As you can see, Rungu Dualie Steep doesn’t come with two wheels, yet three wheels! Rungu patented the front Double wheel design which can easily outperform any single-front wheel design.

Whether you decide to ride this eBike on the road or take it as far as possible in the woods, two front wheels with wide fat tires on will provide great stability at all times. Whether you ride in the slimy mud, on the soft snow, deep sand, or rocky trails – they will handle any terrain unlike any other eBike out there.

Three wheels are also better at distributing the weight. Combined with the motor placement that’s lower to the ground, Rungu introduced a 75/25 weight distribution to keep more traction at the front wheels.

Safer, comfortable, and less risky falls from the eBike even in the worst terrain you can imagine is guaranteed!

Great Max. Weight Support & Towing Capability


Even though Rungu Dualie Steep almost weighs 100 lbs, it can support up to 344 lbs of weight. On top of that, you can tow up to another 300 lbs of weight.

Therefore, max weight and towing weight in total are a really great deal for the weight of the whole eBike.

Of course, you have to consider that this eBike has a large mid-drive motor, large battery, and three wheels.

But if you’re worried if this eBike could handle all your needs – there’s nothing you should worry about when it comes down to weight or hauling capacity!

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Off-Road Option Available


if you’ve researched electric bike classes, you might have noticed that almost every eBike has its top speed limited, regardless of the power and torque it can output.

Rungu invented the off-road option which is purchased if you would only ride the eBike off the road. This way, Rungu removes the limiter and allows you to fully experience the true power of the eBike.

Of course, you won’t be able to take it on the road as it won’t meet the local eBike requirements in your state and you can get fined.

However, if you aren’t buying an eBike for the road, this is a perfect option that will allow you to have a lot more fun!

Plenty of Integrated Accessories


Rungu Dualie Steep is very well built and no wonder I consider it to be the best eBike for heavy riders. It even comes with plenty of integrated yet additional accessories that you won’t have to purchase separately.

You will get a heavy-duty integrated rear rack, front and rear light, fenders, and a free charger.

Also, if Rungu Dualie Steep might not be a great fit for your needs, feel free to check out Rungu Dualie Rugged, or Rungu Dualie XR Rubicon Trail models.

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Conclusion – Best eBike for Heavy Riders

Rungu Dualie Steep is my pick as the best eBike for heavy riders and if this isn’t a great fit for your needs, keep in mind that Dualie comes in a couple of different versions.

If Rungu still might not be the best choice, feel free to check out the UBCO 2X2 WRK bike which is as good as Rungu Dualie, in my opinion.

Also, if the prices seem high, keep in mind that it’s a great investment that will pay off in the next couple of years.

I recommend you to check out financing plans that allow you to pay monthly with a 0% interest rate.

What is your favorite feature of Rungu Dualie Steep? Do you like any other eBike?

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