Best Electric Bike for Delivery (Extended Range)


Doing delivers on a bike is still very popular since it is one of the fastest ways to beat the traffic. Electric bikes are becoming extremely convenient, but how do you choose the best electric bike for delivery?

Electric bikes can help you ride faster, waste less energy, and not even break a sweat while you do your deliveries. If that’s something you do for a living – it’s an investment you probably considered.

And if that’s still something you’re interested in – you’re in the right place. Down below, I’ll teach you how to choose the best eBike for delivery but also review one of the best picks on the market!

How to Choose the Best Electric Bike for Delivery?


Some people struggle to find the best eBike for deliveries, but it all comes down to one question. What do you want to get the most by going from a regular bike to an electric bike?

It’s most likely that your answers will help guide your search to find the best electric bike for food delivery.

However, if you need a bit of help, here’s what you should look out for:

  • Power
  • Battery (range)
  • Comfort
  • Space

How fast would you like to go? Is the speed important to you at all? Most riders might are not worried about speed and yet will do fine with the average speed. That’s exactly what I recommend. Since you’ll be doing deliveries using an eBike, your delivery time will definitely improve so there’s no need to worry about the speed.

However, if you live somewhere in the hills, you’ll definitely want a bit more power so the eBike doesn’t struggle to take you up the hills without a struggle.

I believe that the most important thing you should be looking out for is the battery. The battery (along with the power option) will determine the range.

The range can never be predicted accurately as there are many aspects that can’t be controlled but should be considered. However, by knowing the power and capacity of the battery, you can closely predict the average range of an eBike.

When you find an eBike that can offer you a great range, it’s time to think of the comfort and space aspects. If you’re delivering packages or food by bike for a living, comfort will then be extremely important.

And not having to carry the package or food on your back will also improve the comfort level so having a rack on an eBike can go a long way.

Best Electric Bike for Delivery

For the best electric bike for delivery, I chose the Fifield Bonfire 500. It’s classified as a city eBike that has decent power and yet an incredibly long-lasting battery.

This is combined with ideal comfort and plenty of space so you can cover great distances without breaking a sweat or feeling sore. Down below, I’ll review some of the best features so you know exactly what to expect – so keep on reading as Fifield Bonfire 500 eBike is a game changer!

Power Matched With Range


Going with the most powerful eBike for delivery might not get you far. However, going for a 500W mid-drive motor is a sweet spot that many delivery riders settle for.

Fifield Bonfire 500 comes equipped with a 500W mid-drive hub motor that can output up to 750 watts of power at its peak performance (and in combination with a pedal-assist system).

However, an even greater thing than the 500W motor is the long-range battery. Fifield Bonfire 500 comes equipped with a 48V 14.5Ah battery that can help you cover a distance of up to 60 miles on a single charge.

That’s the average possible range, but with a combination of 27 gears and a pedal-assist system, if the weather conditions aren’t against you – you’ll be able to cover an even greater distance!

Therefore, I am very confident that Fifield Bonfire 500 is the best electric bike for food delivery because of such a great power-battery ratio.

27 Gears


It’s very rare to see an eBike come with as many gears as Fifield Bonfire 500 comes with.

The gearing system that comes equipped is very similar to the gearing system on regular bikes. I believe that this is great for two reasons.

First, if you’re still trying to be fit by doing bike deliveries and yet you’d need a bit of additional help to push throughout the whole day – such a gearing system is an ideal solution.

However, since Fifield Bonfire 500 is equipped with a pedal-assist system, you’ll be able to ride this eBike like a regular bike and still benefit from the power & great range.

Comfort Taken to Another Level


Fifield Bonfire 500 is equipped with everything you’d need as a delivery rider. No, it’s not a full suspension eBike (and it’s unlikely that’s what you will need).

But here’s why I believe that this is the best electric bike for delivery:

  1. Seat post suspension reduces stress and vibrations
  2. Comfortable seat that won’t make you sore after only a couple of hours
  3. Front suspension that absorbs shock and minimizes vibrations ensure that your hands never go numb

But that’s not everything. On top of that, Fifield Bonfire 500 eBike also provides anti-puncture slick tires that will keep you going no matter the type of terrain you find yourself in.

This is also one of the very few eBikes that come with an adjustable stem so you can adjust the angle of the handlebars. This will help ensure that you don’t feel like you’re overstretched.


Large and easy to view LCD screen provides all importnat information related to the range left, covered distance, speed, and many other bike-computer statistics.

Judging the quality of the eBike, it was fairly easy for me to guess that these eBikes are designed and made in the USA.

Additional Accessories


Not only Fifield Bonfire 500 comes with everything you need to stay on the road comfortably, but it also offers additional accessories that don’t always come with an eBike.

If you really need some of these accessories and if you had to purchase them separately, this could add up to another couple of hundreds of dollars.

Instead, Fifield offers all of this included in the price, and here’s what you will get:

  1. Rugged rear rack
  2. Front and rear fenders
  3. Front and rear LED light

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you do bike deliveries in the morning, afternoon, or at night – you’ll have everything you need.

Get it Now!

How Much is the Best Electric Bike for Delivery Going to Cost You?


So how much is the best electric bike for food delivery going to cost you?

Fifield Bonfire 500 costs $1.999,00 which I believe is a great price considering that this is an eBike built exactly for deliveries.

When you consider all the value of the eBike, additional accessories that come included, and the build quality that comes from the USA, this is an incredibly good deal (especially when you consider Fifield competitors).

But of course, I understand that this can be a lot if you don’t have a budget. However, here’s a brilliant solution that will help you pay off your eBike as you do your deliveries.

If you find a great no-interest financing plan such as the one from eBikeGeneration, you can get Fifield Bonfire 500 for only $167/month. This way, if you are consistent with your deliveries, your orders will help this eBike pays itself off!

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Finding the best electric bike for delivery can be hard and it’s very easy to make the wrong choice.

However, once you find an eBike that’s built for deliveries – there’s no doubt that you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Fifield Bonfire 500 is definitely the best electric bike for food delivery as it has everything you would need from it.

Considering the value this eBike offers, the price tag is actually a great deal and if you choose monthly payments without any interest – you can have Fifield Bonfire 500 delivered to you in the next couple of days and have it pay itself off very quickly.

What do you like the most about Fifield Bonfire 500 and why? Would you do deliveries using this eBike?

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