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Everyone likes cycling only until they reach really steep hills. But if you are aware of the electric bike benefits, you’d know that steep won’t be just another obstacle for an eBike. So what is the best electric bike for hills you ask?

Many different eBikes will tackle down even the steepest hills out there so it’s important to know what to look out for.

Down below, I won’t only review one of the best eBikes for steep hills – but I’ll also help you know exactly what to look out for so you never sweat on the hills again!

How Can eBike Help You Tackle Down the Steepest Hills?


Electric bikes are known for two things. An effortless way to get from A to B while you enjoy the great amount of power it puts onto the wheels.

It’s that power in combination with a couple of elements that help provide the biggest benefit for people who hate cycling over the hills.

What’s the benefit you wonder?

It’s the ability to tackle down the steepest or the longest hills without dropping a sweat.

There are two main types of eBikes: pedal-assisted eBikes or throttle-powered eBikes.

No matter the type of an eBike you have – you will be able to experience the maximum power at one or even both wheels. And luckily, some of the best eBikes provide at least 500 watts of power which is more than enough to get you up the hill.

Of course, keep in mind that this will result in less battery – but you can always charge your eBike when you get to work and go on with your day without smelling funky, right?

So what’s the best eBike for steep hills? Keep on reading to find out!

Best Electric Bike for Hills

The choice for the best eBike for hills is hard – but I managed to single out one eBike that will never let you down!

The eBike is Rambo 750 Pursuit! It’s an electric bike with a high-torque mid-drive motor and a long-range battery which is everything you’ll need to actually enjoy getting up that hill.

Keep on reading to find some of the best features that await you if you choose the Rambo R750 Pursuit!

Extreme Performance


Rambo R750 Pursuit comes equipped with a 750W Bafang mid-drive motor which is right somewhere in the middle of the power range offered on eBikes today.

What’s so special about this specific motor is that it is a high-torque edition that offers top-of-the-line performance among 750W mid-drive motors.

This is well combined with a Samsung high-capacity battery that offers long-range distance. Therefore, just based on these two components – I am pretty sure that Rambo R750 Pursuit is more than what you will need to handle the steepest climbs.

Dual Power Options

On top of the quality motor & battery, Rambo R750 Pursuit is equipped with a dual powering option which means that this eBikes comes with both a pedal assistant system and throttle operation.

The great thing about this is that it is an eBike that will always be allowed on any road because of the dual powering option.

However, if the throttle isn’t enough to get you up the hill, you’ll definitely love the powered pedal assistance.

Robust yet Quiet


Even though the Rambo’s eBike is based on a robust mountain bike frame that is made to survive anything out there – you won’t even hear anything when you ride it.

I think Rambo made a great achievement by making this eBike as quiet as possible while providing an excellent power range.

26″ wheels with fat tires definitely show that you shouldn’t be afraid of taking Rambo R750 Pursuit off the road. Hitting the trails unexpectedly won’t stop you right in the tracks.

High-End Components


Other than a great range of 19 miles, high power that will push through any climb – this eBike is well equipped with high-end, top-of-the-line components.

Some of the best premium components you can see on this eBike are definitely the 2 piston hydraulic 180 mm disc brakes as well as the Bafang C965 screen display.

Such a combination will help you fearlessly ride down the hills after successful climbs, but also offer insight into the more important information without experiencing any glare at all (even under the brightest sun).

Ride in Style

I am a big fan of the 700 mm Promax handlebars that make this eBike handle smoothly no matter the type of terrain but it also provides better control and stability.

A comfortable ride is guaranteed by Justec saddle and Neco Alloy pedals.

But my favorite ride-in-style feature is the finish. Rambo R750 Pursuit comes in a matte black finish that looks sleek and attractive. It’ll definitely turn head as you pass by!

Get it Now!

How Much is the Best Electric Bike for Hills Going to Cost You?


Rambo R750 Pursuit that will help you climb the steepest hills and fearlessly ride down the hills is going to cost you $2,699.

However, if you find a good eBike retailer such as eBikeGeneration – you’ll be able to grab a 7% discount. This means that Rambo R750 Pursuit can be yours for only $2,499.

Of course, it’s a high price to pay for all the benefits, but it’s an investment that’s totally worth it in the long run.

I highly recommend getting a financing plan that will help you pay monthly for the eBike and take it home for only $105/month!

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Is Rambo R750 Pursuit everything you expected from the best electric bike for hills? Not only this eBike is the best eBike for steep hills – but it’s also an all-around eBike that might look polished but isn’t afraid of getting dirty off the road.

With so many high-quality components, great build, and considering that this eBike is coming from a valuable brand – the price is more than worth it in the long run.

If you choose a financing plan and pay monthly, this eBike might end up paying for itself if you ride it more than your regular commuting vehicle!

What do you like the most about Rambo R750 Pursuit and why?

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