Best Off Road Electric Bike You Can Get


If you are going off the road, you’ll need the best off road electric bike you can find. But with so many options out there, how hard is it to find “the one”?

When you know what you’re looking for – nothing is impossible. Down below, you’ll not only find my top pick for the best off road eBike, but I’ll also show you how to choose the right eBike – so keep on reading!

How to Choose the Best Off Road Electric Bike?


Electric bikes bring many benefits, but to take them off the road – you just need to pay attention to a couple of important aspects of an eBike.

But what aspects am I talking about? Here is a quick list so you know exactly what to look out for:

  • Frame size and build quality
  • Tires
  • Power and class category
  • Handlebars
  • Suspension

There are a couple of other things, but I believe these are some of the most important ones.

Frame size and build quality are some of the most important aspects as they will determine the sturdiness of the whole eBike. Therefore, you’ll know if it’s a great fit for the off road riding or not.

In combination with that, a quick look over the tires will tell you a lot more about the eBike. Bigger and wider tires are definitely a better option to tackle off road obstacles.

The power option will help you understand how much power you will be able to get out of the eBike at all times. On top of that, I highly recommend paying attention to the class category. Some off road eBikes are truly made for off road riding only.

However, if you’d like to ride your off road eBike on the road, you’ll have to pay attention to the proper class category.

For the most comfort, I realized that two things matter the most to me when I’m riding off the road. It’s the handlebar’s width and the suspension.

Handlebar’s length determines the maneuverability and control you have over the eBike while the suspension will do its best to minimize the shock and impact which is a must-have when riding off road.

Of course, there are a couple of other things and even budget plays an importnat role. However, with a proper financing plan, you won’t have to worry about the price tag!

Best Off Road Electric Bike

For the best off road electric bike on the market, I chose the Rungu Dualie (double-wheel) eBike. It’s an electric bike with two front wheels and one rear wheel which breaths and lives the off road action.

Dualie also comes in a couple of different models so it’s definitely going to fit everyone’s needs.

True Off Road Performance


If you’re looking to really go off road, Rungu Dualie is the right eBike to go with. Why?

It offers a true off road edition which isn’t road legal, but it doesn’t limit the power in any way. This means that the maximum motor power is output to the wheels.

However, if you prefer a Class 1 or Class 2 eBike that you can ride both on and off the road, you can select this at the checkout. Class 1 and Class 2 versions slightly limit the power and top speed, but they provide PAS or throttle so you can legally ride Rungu on the road.

Extended Range Battery


Along with the powerful mid-drive 1120W motor, Rungu comes with a 52V 15Ah extended-range battery.

Now, this battery is definitely a larger improvement in comparison to regular electric bikes. However, it improves range by up to 30%.

On a single charge, you can cover about 20 miles in true off road conditions. However, if you ride Rungu on the road, you will be able to cover 151 miles in ideal conditions. That’s really crazy!

I should also mention that when your battery runs out, it will only take you 2.5 hours to fully charge it again. That’s also a huge improvement, so I believe that Rungu definitely made the right choice right there.

On top of that, the extended-range battery doesn’t even increase weight by much which is a win-win situation.

XL Tires


I know, I know. Tires sizes aren’t measured by the standard chart we use for everything else.

However, these tires are that huge that Rungu had to pronounce them as the “XL” version. They are 4.7″ wide and there are 3 of them!

This doesn’t only ensure that you have nothing to worry about when you go deep off the road, but it also ensures that you never get a puncture. Rungu tires are equipped with an anti-puncture feature that prevents punctures.

In case a puncture happens, the same technology will seal the hole before the tire loses most of its air.

When it comes down to stability and control, you can’t ask for better tires than these. They also help ensure better comfort which really shows how well Rungu through this eBike’s design.

Great Max Capacity


The eBike only weighs 87.2 lbs which I believe is nothing when you consider it is based on a reinforced frame, has a huge battery, three wheels, and dual front suspension!

However, the maximum weight capacity Rungu Dualie can handle is 351 lbs which is about 50 lbs more than its competitors.

The great thing about this ultimate off road eBike is that you can also haul a cargo trailer. The hauling max weight is 300 lbs.

Ideal Top Speed


Considering the weight, maximum hauling capacity, components, and when we add the rider’s weight – Rambo Dualie has an impressive top speed.

It’s definitely not nearly close to lightweight or foldable electric bikes, but it’s pretty damn fast if you ask me.

So what’s the top speed? Alright, alright!

The top speed of Rungu Dualie is 24 mph which might not seem fast at this moment – but will definitely feel fast on the narrow off road paths!

Never Be Afraid of Descends


Rungu Dualie has a 75/25 weight distribution which is combined with a “Total Control” wheelbase that offers more attraction to the wheel.

You’ll never be afraid of losing front-end grip, and how could you with two massive tires, right? You’ll notice the increase in confidence when you soft corner the Dualie in slippery terrain.

No more washouts and wipeouts so you’ll definitely feel the boost of confidence when you stroll down the hill.

Get it Now!

How Much is the Best Off Road Electric Bike Going to Cost You?


The Rungu Dualie Standard model I reviewed for this article costs $4.449.00. Even though it can seem pricey, there are even pricier Rungu Dualie models, such as:

  • Rungu Dualie Steep Edition – $4,899.00
  • Rungu Dualie Rugged Edition – $6,499.00
  • Rungu Dualie XR Steep Edition – $6,599.00
  • Rungu Dualie XR Rubicon Trail Edition – $7,449.00

However, with a proper financing plan such as the one from eBikeGeneration, you can get Rungu Dualie for $124/month without paying any interest!

And if you ride Rungu Dualie often enough, this eBike will be able to pay itself off even before you know it! Therefore, don’t let the price stop you from the moments you couldn’t achieve otherwise.

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What are your initial thoughts on the best off road electric bike? Pretty awesome, right?

I must admit, the competition is tough so picking only one eBike wasn’t easy. However, I’m pretty confident that Rungu Dualie might have only a few competitors so it’s definitely one of the best choices available on the market.

If the price shocked you, I highly recommend you to check out the eBikeGeneration’s pricing plan. It allows you to pay monthly without any interest – so even if you have the budget ready, why not make it easier for yourself?

What do you like the most about Rungu Dualie eBike? Which edition do you like the most and why?

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