Bow Rack for Bike Reviews (eBike Compatible)


Electric bikes offer a lot of benefits for hunters, but you’ll most likely need a bow rack for bike to safely transport your bow or even rifle.

I think that you shouldn’t miss out on the benefits of eBikes as a hunter. Not only you can move freely without making any noise, but you can also get to remote locations easily without having to worry if your eBike will fit the narrow paths.

Down below, I’ll show you some of the best gun racks for your bike such as the Rambo bike bow holder. They’re an inexpensive upgrade and yet they make things 10 times easier, and most importantly – safer!

Why Do You Need a Bow Rack for Bike?


Transporting a bow can be really tricky, no matter the vehicle you’re using. However, some hunters think that if you use a hunting eBike – you hardly have an option to safely transport your bow.

That’s definitely not true. Bow rack for bike can change the way you move and the way you transport your bow.

Not only it makes it safer and easier, but having a bow rack on your bike can help keep the bow stable and harmless. On top of that, a quality mountain bike bow rack can help you access your bow as quickly as you need it.

Even though bow racks seem like a simple upgrade, they’re well designed which proves that they’re thought through even before the manufacturing phase.

Bow racks are made to be fixed onto the bike, provide stability, stay reliable in any conditions, and yet offer easy release when the hunter needs it.

It’s definitely going to make things easier for you as a hunter as you won’t have to worry about safety or security when you’re riding through narrow paths at great speeds.

Down below, I’ll review 3 of the best bow racks for eBike that every hunter will proudly install and use to benefit from in the long run.

Best Bow Rack for Bike Reviews

The worst thing you can do when choosing a bow rack for bike is to get a bow rack that either doesn’t fit or isn’t sturdy enough.

However, with the 3 quality bow racks for a bike I reviewed below, you won’t have to worry about any of these issues!

Gator Gripp HD Bow Rack

Gator Gripp HD bow rack is designed for two reasons. To provide a convenient and safe option for a hunter to transport a bow and to protect your bike from any damage while transporting your bow.

An interesting but important thing to know is that Gator Gripp HD was designed by two hunters who weren’t able to find a quality rack that will help them transport their bow on a bike. Even though they were bow hunters – they thought of fellow rifle hunters too.

Therefore, the Gripp HD rack can help transport both bows and rifles.

Its design is very simple and it’s very simple to attach it to your bike. You can choose where to attach it as it can be attached to handlebars, pannier racks, or even on the trailer.

Installation is very simple. All you have to do is choose your location and tighten it to secure it for your bike.

From there, you will have the ability to secure anything into the “jaws” of the holder. Other than fitting and securing a rifle or a bow, the Gator Gripp HD rack can secure rods, chainsaws, string trimmers, or even paddleboards and skis!


Therefore, this rack isn’t only made for hunters, yet it’s a great fit for any bike or eBike rider who isn’t afraid of going for an adventure off the road.

No matter what you put inside the “jaws” of the holder, as long as it fits the jaws – it will automatically adjust itself to tighten the grip and secure it into the rack.

The construction of the holder has been tested in the rugged terrain so it is built for off-road and trails – so you won’t have to worry about the stability when you hit the rocky off-road paths.

I am a big fan of Grip’s motto – if it fits, it grips! That explains this holder as a whole.

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Rambo Bow/Gun Holder


If you aren’t familiar with Rambo, it is one of the best electric bike manufacturers. They also produce high-end eBikes for hunters that are made to allow hunters to go to extremely isolated areas for a much more successful hunt.

However, the greatest thing about this bow/gun holder is that Rambo didn’t make it to fit only their eBikes.

It’s a universal holder that can be attached to any bike no matter if it’s a mountain bike or a hunting electric bike.

This holder is made from an aluminum alloy which ensures that the construction is durable and reliable and yet light. Therefore, you won’t even feel it on your bike and it definitely won’t be pulling you down.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that even though this holder is universal, you will still need a rear rack to install it.

Once you attach a Rambo holder to your rear bike rack, you will be able to attach a rifle, bow, or even a crossbow safely by securing it into the holder.


I really like how well this holder is designed. It’s made for rear attachment and yet it’s not going to get in the way even if you are riding down the narrow paths.

If you don’t have a rear rack on your mountain bike/eBike – I recommend getting a simple rear rack such as the Rambo R150. It’s a simple rack that looks like any other bike rack, but it is made of quality aluminum that is lightweight but rugged with an extra-large design that offers more space than other average rear racks.

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Quietkat Pannier Rack


If you aren’t a big fan of holders that have to be attached to a rear rack, you’ll love the Quietkat pannier rack.

This pannier rack is made to be installed just like any other pannier and yet it makes it easy to strap down your bow, gun, or any other gear.

Another great benefit is that this pannier rack is universal which means that not only it can be installed on any bike or eBike – but it can also be used to help you carry anything else that fits on the rack.

The rack is built from lightweight aluminum and it comes in two sizes (17″ & 19″) so you can decide if you’d like a larger or smaller rack.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that this rack is not compatible with full-suspension mountain bike bikes/eBikes.

On the bright side, the capacity of this rack is 50 lbs which makes it ideal for transportation for heavier objects.

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Is There a Better Way to Transport Your Bow on a Bike?


In order to transport your bow (or a rifle) on your bike/eBike hands-free, you will need something that will allow you to attach it to your bike.

Many have been trying to create a DIY rack that will help them transport their weapon of choice safely. However, this doesn’t always work out and I believe that rack is a component that you don’t want to fail during your trip.

Not only it can damage your bow/rifle, but it can also damage your bike and prevent you from going further.

Therefore, I don’t think that there’s a better way to transport your bow/rifle on a bike/eBike without having one of the holders/racks that are specialized for this purpose.

They’re not even very expensive and yet once you get a rack/holder, you won’t ever want to go back to transporting your weapon without having one of these on your bike.

But if you’re on a tight budget and you’re not sure if you can afford the investment right now – you’re in luck.

Quality eCommerce stores such as often offer discounts that can help. However, here’s the best thing.

You can use a financing plan (such as the one from eBikeGeneration) to pay for the rack monthly so it’s easier to pay off the rack. It will only cost you about $20/month!

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Did you ever try to come up with your own DIY holder for your bow/rifle? Hunting eBikes have great benefits but you will have to invest a bit more for your own safety.

On the bright side, they’re not expensive, and yet once you get used to a holder/rack, you’ll never want to go back to a bike without one!

If you’ve been looking for a proper bow rack for bike, you have 3 options right here that will fit any bike (even eBikes). So all you have to do is choose the one that fits your needs the most!

How did you transport your hunting weapon on a bike so far? Which one of the holders do you like the most?

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