Is Charging eBike with Solar Charger Possible?


Electric bikes provide so many benefits that many are switching without having any second thoughts. That’s great – but it even gets better when they come to a brilliant idea. This brilliant idea charging eBike with a solar panel.

But is this even a possibility? Would this allow you to save money and go further than ever before?

These are just some of the questions I’ll help answer today – but one thing is for sure. Solar charging can help you lead a lot more eco-friendly lifestyle but also never have to feel the range anxiety again.

Therefore, keep on reading as you’ll learn a lot that could help you change the way you charge your eBike!

Is Charging eBike with Solar Panel Possible?


Taking advantage of reusable sources such as light and sun to produce electricity isn’t a new thing. It has been around for at least a decade.

But are we able to use this technology to charge our precious eBikes? Yes, we are!

If we can help people power their meet their household electricity needs with the help of solar panels – it would be really bad if we weren’t able to do the same for our eBikes, right?

Charging an eBike with a solar panel is definitely possible. To even make things even better, such chargers already exist.

I had the chance to write a solar panel charger review where I wrote about a specially designed for electric bikes – so I highly recommend checking out my review!

I believe such an investment will save you a lot of time and yet will help you to start experiencing the benefits of a portable solar charger for eBikes.

I’ve briefly mentioned a couple of benefits – but keep on reading as I’ll touch on more benefits by the end of this article!

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need to Charge a 48V Battery?


Most electric bikes come with a 48V battery – so how many panels would you need to fully charge such a battery?

But even better yet the question is when you have the right number of solar panels – will the charger be able to charge your eBike’s battery as quickly as the power from the outlet can?

To answer this question correctly, we should consider the battery capacity. It’s not enough to only know the voltage of a battery.

So for the most average electric bike battery (48V 14.5 Ah) – you would need a charger featuring at least more than two panels that can output 200W or more.

A great example is Bakcou’s solar charger for eBikes. It features 9 large panels that combine the 200 watts of power output. Most importantly, the best benefit of this charger for eBike is that it comes with an inverter as eBike chargers use AC.

All you have to do is choose the plugin type that fits your eBike – and you’re good to go. Oh yes, one of the very important features is that most eBike chargers of such capacity can charge an eBike as quickly as the power outlet can.

Can You Connect a Solar Panel Directly to Your Battery?


Unfortunately, you can’t just purchase solar panels, connect them to your eBike’s battery, and wait for the battery to be charged.

Solar panel chargers operate with the help of a “system” that helps with the collection of the energy, transfer of the energy, and outputting the inverted energy into the battery.

On their own, solar panels can barely fully charge a 12V battery on a very sunny and bright day. That’s why solar panels are just one of the components in these charging systems.

Along with the solar panels, you would need a charger controller (MPPT) which helps maximize the output power you can get out of the solar panels. These are really expensive, but without them – it would take ages to charge an eBike’s battery. That’s definitely something to keep in mind when building your solar eBike charger or when you’re hit with the relatively higher price tag of eBike solar chargers.

On top of that, you would need an inverter as eBike batteries use alternating current.

Luckily, the biggest part of the system is the panels, while everything else is pretty compact which makes the charging eBike with solar panels easy on the go.

Benefits of an eBike Solar Charger


Yes, eBike solar chargers can help you fully charge your eBike’s battery for free, using renewable energy sources that also help save the environment.

But on top of that, I believe that another big benefit is the ability to purchase pre-made solar chargers for eBikes.

These chargers include all system components that you would need – but they also make solar chargers very compact.

I am a big fan of Bakcou’s solar charger which is compact thanks to the folding design that allows easier transporting.

If you live surrounded by a great climate, you should definitely take advantage of the sun and charge your eBike even when you’re not on the go.

Even though eBikes don’t really add up much on the electricity bill – why not save some money when you have the chance.

Investing in a charger will definitely pay off in the long run!

But one of the benefits that might not affect everyone the same way is the relief of knowing that you don’t have to worry about the range or have a range-anxiety every time you take your eBike on longer rides.


Charging eBike with solar panels is definitely do-able and while many improvise to make their own solar chargers – I’m glad to see that many great brands work hard to produce some of the most compact yet efficient solar chargers.

While it might be a pretty high price to pay right off the bat – the benefits will definitely ensure your investment pays off.

I believe this should be one of only a couple of the most important additions every eBike rider should have. So if you’re in doubt whether eBike solar chargers are a good investment – I hope that this article helped you make the decision!

What is your favorite benefit of an eBike solar charger?

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