Do Folding Bikes Break Easily? Everything You Need to Know!


Folding bikes come with many benefits and not only they’re compact, but they’re also a huge convenience if you’re commuting to work or don’t have enough storage space at home. But do folding bikes break easily?

One would think that since you’ll be folding your bike at least a couple of times a day, that it would need to be super strong to endure all the stress, right?

If that’s exactly what you’re wondering – you’re in the right place!

Down below, I’ll share everything you need to know about folding bikes and I’ll even share my own thoughts on both the good and the bad of this bike type – so keep on reading!

Do Folding Bikes Break Easily? Are They Durable?


The worst-case scenario is seeing your reliable folding bike break in half just when you are about to close it or open it, right?

But do folding bikes break easily?

No, they don’t! I know that this is the biggest fear of many, but folding bikes are made for folding purposes.

With that being said, folding bikes are not supposed to break easily and that’s not something that should be on your mind every time you use your folding bike.

The latches and devices set in place for foldability are very durable and are designed and integrated into the bike’s frame to outstand the robust use with ease.

Of course, anything could happen if you’re using a folding bike for extreme riding. On the other hand, with the modern ways of building bike frames, it’s unlikely for a folding bike to break that easily, especially while you’re riding.

Even back in 2006/2007 when folding bikes were pretty new, they were still a reliable bike and I believe that’s how they became so popular in the first place.

Are Foldable Bikes Good for Long Distance?


My general rule of thumb is that the smaller the bike is and the smaller the wheels are – the less appropriate the bike is for long-distance rides.

But what about foldable bikes? They’re built specifically to be effective for all rides, right? What if you cover a pretty long distance on a daily commute?

Even though folding bikes are meant for city rides and shorter rides, you’d be surprised how decent they can be on longer rides.

How is this possible, you might wonder?

Folding bikes are built by following the similar quality and principles of road bikes, yet they’re built to be compact and foldable.

When the foldable bikes were a new thing on the road back in the day, everyone wondered how come they’re going so quickly with such small wheels.

Well, now you know the answer!

Folding bikes are well designed to offer comfortability even for taller riders, and yet provide decent robustness for a foldable bike frame. With that being said, I don’t see any issues going on a 100-mile ride with a folding bike.

After all, you have to give it a try, right? It’s best if you can get your hands on a folding bike and test it out for yourself!

You might not go as quick as you would on a road bike, but you could still comfortably complete a longer-distance journey without any issues.

Is it Worth Getting a Folding Bike?


Yes, investing and getting a folding bike is definitely possible! It might not be for everyone, but it’s a great choice for others.

Folding bikes have very few disadvantages and yet they offer a lot more benefits to riders who find folding bikes a great fit for their needs.

The biggest and the most important benefit of a folding bike is that they’re convenient and portable. This is something you’ll hardly find in any other bike type.

With that being said, folding bikes aren’t new anymore and that gives you a wide range of choices to choose from.

If you ever rode a folding bike, you’d know how fun they’re to ride and what I noticed is that they’re super easy to handle. I assume that’s because you’re sitting high on the bike while the bike is low which provides a great and even weight & balance distribution.

Lastly, if you’re living in a tiny space or just need a great bike to commute to work without worrying about where to park it – folding bikes make a very great investment!

How Good are Folding eBikes?


Electric bikes are becoming the new bikes and so far, they’re almost everywhere you look (even though they might be a bit hard to spot!).

With the trend, folding bikes picked up quite well and it’s not strange to see folding electric bikes riding around the city.

Honestly, I believe that folding eBikes make the best choice for a regular commuter. Not only they’re easy to operate and are eco-friendly, but they can save you a lot of money if you replace traveling with a motorized vehicle by using a folding eBike.

In fact, I reviewed an Emojo Lynx Pro which I consider to be one of the best electric folding bikes on the market so I definitely recommend you check it out!

If you were thinking of getting a folding bike, I hope you’ll consider an electric folding bike version. Why not have that advantage and arrive at your destination without breaking a sweat, right?

And when you’re on your way home, you can still put all your energy into it and have a good exercise when you know that a shower is waiting for you at home.


So do folding bikes break easily? Absolutely not! If they did, they wouldn’t take off and become increasingly popular.

With that being said, you can shop around and never have to worry about the durability or the frame aspect of the bike.

Of course, keep in mind that you should stick to the well-known quality bike manufacturers to get the best value for the price you pay! And lastly, check out the folding electric bike as it’s a very sustainable option!

What are your thoughts on folding bikes? Did you ever try riding one?

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