Best Solar Powered eBike Charger (Low Carbon Footprint)


Electric bikes offer many advantages. But is there any other way to charge them than plugging them into the outlet? The answer is the eBike solar charger!

eBikes are all about going green and there’s no better way to charge an electric bike than using a solar-powered eBike charger.

I get it. Not everyone is all about “going green”. However, one of the biggest advantages of electric bike solar panels is that you can use them almost anywhere.

This becomes an especially valuable item to have with you when you’re going hunting, camping, or for longer rides.

Down below, I’ll review one of the best eBike solar charges on the market by Bakcou – so keep on reading to find out how it can benefit you and your eBike!

What is a Solar Powered eBike Charger?


Solar-powered eBike charger is a panel (just like the panels you might see on the rooftops). These solar panels can absorb sunlight into the cells and generate direct current.

What these eBike solar panel chargers do is they have the ability to convert the direct current into alternating current with the help of inverter technology.

On top of that, they come with the proper charger plug for electric bikes. Therefore, brands such as Bakcou wisely took advantage of solar panel technology to turn it into a very mobile and convenient charger for electric bikes.

The Benefits of Electric Bike Solar Panel


While many people actually care about our Earth and they’re doing their best to do everything in the “right” way (the greenway) – the biggest benefit of bike solar panels is that it helps save the Earth.

It uses renewable energy sources and has a very light footprint which is really great considering the biggest benefit.

Personally, I think the biggest benefit of such a product is the ability to re-charge your eBike without worrying where you might find the next outlet.

Yes, eBikes are designed to cover about 25 to 50 miles on average. However, what’s with the longer trips, hunting trips, or going camping?

Most of the eBikes I’ve tested were rugged mountain bikes that can go almost anywhere, even when the trail stops.

Below, you’ll find out everything about Bakcou solar panel chargers but I’ll also show you how this charger might benefit you – so keep on reading!

Bakcou 200W eBike Solar Charger

Bakcou 200W eBike solar charger has many advantages, but personally, I really like that it can charge an eBike as quickly as the household outlet.

But there’s more than it meets the eyes!

Rugged Design


Usually, solar panels are installed once and aren’t usually transported. But with Backou’s smart design, you won’t have any issues carrying 9 solar panels with you everywhere you go.

The rugged fabric is very resistant to tears and cuts so you won’t have to worry about placing the solar panel charger on the floor.

Bakcou is mostly designing top-quality products for hunters and this eBike solar charger shows the remarks of the quality.

3 Charger Types


Bakcou thought of everyone and they didn’t make this electric bike solar panel suitable with Bakcou eBikes – yet they’ve ensured this charger can charge any eBike battery out there.

Therefore, at the point of purchase, you can choose between 3 different charger types:

  • 3-pin V1 charger type
  • 3-pin V2 charger type
  • Barrel type charger

All you have to do is choose the correct charger type and you’ll be able to stay out with your eBike and cover as much distance as you like without having to worry if you will have enough range to return back home.

This reminds me very much of electric cars such as Tesla that are becoming increasingly popular. Even though they take a bit more time to charge than just stopping at the gas station – they’re very eco-friendly and can save so much money.

Blanket Panel Style

I’m a big fan of the design of Bakcou 200W solar eBike charger as it’s very compact and you wouldn’t even believe how big it is once it’s spread open.

Backou’s clever design protects & stores 9 pannels into a decently sized carrying bag. As soon as you’re ready to start charging your eBike – all you have to do is open the charger and spread it wide open.

This will take you a bit of space, but when you’re done – just pack it all up and you’ll be on the move sooner than you think!

Portable and Lightweight

This eBike solar charger weighs only 14 lbs which, in combination with clever design, makes Bakcou solar charger very portable.

Bakcou chose great material that provides great resistance and quality without weighing the eBike riders down.

When it comes down to the use – you won’t even need a manual. Everything is pretty straight forward and it’s all about spreading the panel blanket open and plugging in the charger into your eBike!

Eco Friendly


You could notice from the benefits how eco friendly this charger is. Not only you will be able to use renewable energy to help save the Earth, but you’ll also be saving a lot of money on charging your eBike.

If you use your eBike daily, charging bills can quickly add up. While most eBike owners think of purchasing such charger for longer trips – not many of them think of using it to charge the eBike at home.

This is actually a great idea. As long as there’s natural light and a bit of sun – you can charge your eBike outside rather than inside of your home or garage.

Saving money on the electricity bill and taking advantage of the renewable energy source is a win-win situation!

Get it Now!

How Much Does Bakcou 200W Solar Charger Costs?

The price might surpise some of you – but you should consider all the benefits first.

Bakcou 200W solar charger costs $999, but it’s really worth the price. Not only it allows you to go further without having the range-anxiety, but it also allows you to save money on the electricity bill.

Also, by using a financing plan such as the one available from – you can pay monthly. This means that the benefits of a solar charger will start paying itself off straight away. For this specific charger, you can get it for only $75/month!

I highly recommend purchasing the solar charger from retail stores as they offer a 10% discount which allows you to save $100 on the purchase.

Therefore, once you pay off this electric bike solar panel – you’ll truly start to experience financial benefits.

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Many riders have doubts about range of eBikes. Therefore, switching to an electric bike isn’t easy. However, with high-quality portable solar chargers such as this one – I believe it is a game changer for many (including me).

Not only you can do something good for the Earth, but the benefits and value provided by this eBike solar charger definitely outweigh the price.

The only thing you have to do is think long-term and you’ll quickly realize how this investment can pay off.

Did you ever try a solar panel charger? Will this help you ride without having range-anxiety?

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