Emojo Lynx Pro Review (eBike)


Electric bikes are becoming the next best thing as they can offer many economical benefits, help us ride emission-free, and cover distance faster without breaking a sweat. Emojo Lynx Pro is an ideal eBike as the first choice.

It’s compact, durable, and budget-friendly – yet the quality is outstanding. Space-saving is a huge issue for many people who live in apartments, so this eBike might be exactly what you’re looking for.

In this Emojo Lynx Pro review, I’ll show you everything you need to know about this eBike, but also tell you why this might be the perfect eBike to go with – so keep on reading!

Who is Emojo?

Emojo is a well-known brand in the eBike industry as its mission is to make cool, affordable, and fun eBikes that last for a long.

What I like the most about Emojo is that this is a brand that fits people from all walks of life. They have perfect eBikes for all ages and genders.

Whether you’re riding to the beach, hopping onto the off-road trails, or you’re going hunting deep in the forest – Emojo’s got an eBike for you.

I believe Emojo is one of the rare brands that help reduce the cost of electric bikes without compromising the quality.

Therefore, every Emojo eBike is:

  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Compact
  • Safe (from theft)
  • Unique (wide variety of eBikes)

Emojo Lynx folding electric bicycle is the most popular eBike model and that’s exactly the model I got to review – so keep on reading to find both the good and bad of this eBike below!

Emojo Lynx Pro Review


In the Emojo Lynx Pro review, you’ll find out some of its best features, but also learn the benefits that come with such high-quality.

Personally, I wasn’t able to think of an activity where Lynx Pro eBike isn’t suitable. I also believe this is probably the best 750 watt electric bike if you’re looking for compactness and versatility without sacrificing the power.

Below, I share everything I have realized about Lynx Pro so you know exactly what to expect when you make the purchase!

Folding System


The biggest key feature of the Emojo Lynx Pro is the foldability. If you plan on transporting the eBike in a car – believe it or not, Lynx Pro can fit inside the trunk of a Toyota Prius.

It only takes about half a minute to unfold/fold the eBike and all you have to do is:

  • Fold the steering wheel
  • Fold the frame

You don’t have to worry about breaking anything as the folding points are well made and they’re made to withstand a lot of pressure so don’t worry if you put a bit of force into it!

What I also like is that you can optionally fold the pedals which might not seem important until you really see how this can add a bit more space.

Robust Frame & Fat Tires


While Emojo Lynx Pro is based on a frame of a folding bicycle, I notice that it has the robust features of a mountain electric bikes.

The foldable aluminum frame is paired with fat 20″ Kenda 4.0R tires. These tires really give this eBike versatility as you can ride deep off the trails and you won’t get a puncture.

The battery is well placed behind the seat post which still leaves plenty of space for the rear tire as we’re talking about 20″ tires right here.

But not only there’s enough space for tires, yet Emojo was able to install a rear rack on top of the rear wheel which also covers the battery a bit. I believe this adds an extra layer of protection which is always good, right?

When it comes down to weight, this eBike weighs 55 lbs (including the battery’s weight) which aren’t that bad for a foldable eBike.

30 Mile Range & 750W Motor

Emojo Lynx folding electric bicycle comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery (48V/10.4 Ah). In combination with a rear-hub 750W motor, Lynx Pro provides a range of 30 miles on average.

However, you should also consider riding style, weather conditions, and type of terrain into the calculation of the total range.

When the battery is low – it takes between 4 to 6 hours for a full charge. On the bright side, Emojo Lynx Pro comes with a charger included that allows you to easily charge the eBike using the wall power outlet.

If you’re going for longer rides, I highly recommend you to check out the Bakcou solar eBike charger which allows you to fully charge the Emojo Lynx Pro in the same time frame, only using the sunlight.

Removable Lithium Battery

Even though the battery is wisely placed and is well protected – I was really surprised at the ability to remove the battery.

This means one thing. You can carry the battery wherever you want. Therefore, instead of finding space and placing Emojo Lynx next to the power outlet, all you have to do is remove the battery and take it inside with you.

If you don’t own a garage or don’t have a power outlet in the garage – this feature can be a lifesaver!

Storing the battery indoors during winter is also a great option to prolong its lifespan.

High-End Components


Considering Emojo Lynx Pro is one of the most affordable eBikes on the marketĀ (keeping quality in mind), it’s really great to see that they didn’t make any compromises.

Instead, you’ll be able to Shimano components such as Altus 7-speed transmission, and tektro-disc brakes on both wheels.

Since every component is crucial in serving the purpose of a versatile and robust eBike – Kenda tires were a must-have pick.

Easy to Use


Believe me, Emojo Lynx Pro might look like a mess when you get it out of the box. You’ll have to assemble the handlebars, wheels, pedals, and battery. But this won’t take you longer than 30 minutes.

When the eBike is finally ready, all you have to do is put the key in and fire it up!

Emojo Lynx Pro comes with a simple-to-use LCD display where you can adjust the mode (low, mid, high), and power (from 1 to 5 bars).

You can pedal-assist the eBike if you’d like, but if not – you can simply get off by using the thumb throttle.

4 Different Colors


Not only Emojo fits all needs on the road, but it can also fit everyone’s style. it comes in 4 different colors and you get to choose from:

  • Black (with light blue)
  • White (with light blue)
  • Matte red (with gray)
  • Matte blue (with gray)

I really like the look of black with a light blue design, but all colors suit the eBike!

Get it Now!

How Much Does Emojo Lynx Pro eBike Costs?


I’m a big fan of Emojo because of two reasons:

  1. They provide decent quality & versatile eBikes
  2. Their prices are very affordable

Therefore, it’s no doubt that the Emojo Lynx Pro is one of the most affordable eBikes on the market. It only costs $1,929.00.

However, I highly recommend purchasing it from retailers such as eBikeGeneration where you can get a 10% discount ($200 off). Therefore, the price of Emoji Lynx Pro is $1,729.00.

And if you find a decent finance plan such as the one available from eBikeGeneration, you can get Emojo Lynx Pro for only $145/month.

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Emojo is probably the best brand when it comes down to manufacturing quality & versatile electric bikes at a really affordable price point.

I hope that my Emojo Lynx Pro review helped you notice how a 750 watt electric bike can be put to use in many different ways.

Even though it’s not the best of the best when it comes down to eBikes – it’s a decent eBike that will keep you going for years.

What is your favorite feature of Emojo Lynx Pro?

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