How Far Can You Go on an Electric Bike? You’d be Surprised!


Electric bikes are taking over the market and they are almost everywhere you go whether it’s the trail, road, or off-road. Therefore, you must have wondered how far can you go on an electric bike, right?

If you did, then this post is for you! Why?

Down below, I’ll show you how to calculate the possible range of any electric bike, but also how to choose an eBike that will offer the biggest range.

Also, if you’re thinking of commuting using an eBike, you’ll be able to learn how fast and far you can go which will allow you to easily calculate the time required to get to your destination!

How Far Can You Go on an Electric Bike?


Electric bikes come with a decently sized battery, and yet not every eBike offers the same range.

The range will depend on the two most important components and two aspects. The two most important components are motor (power) and battery (capacity). Two aspects that can also impact the range are weather conditions & terrain, and your riding style.

On average eBike can cover anywhere from 20+ miles to slightly over 100 miles!

So how far can you go on an electric bike?

It all depends on your eBike, where you ride, but also your riding style. Therefore, here’s a simple calculator that will help you calculate the range of an eBike.


All you need to do is input the volts of the eBikes battery, and input the battery capacity. This will give you approximate miles you can cover on the eBike.

Now, the range still depends on 2 aspects I’ve mentioned earlier, but also the power of the motor the eBike uses.

But here’s something you shouldn’t do. You shouldn’t think that more powerful eBikes offer less range. Some of the most powerful eBikes that include two motors can output up to 2000 watts of power and yet provide up to 90 miles as they also include two long-range lithium-ion batteries.

Therefore, it’s important to consider the electric bike types that are available on the market if you’re only about to make the decision and purchase your new eBike.

Types of Electric Bikes


Just like regular bikes, electric bikes have different types.

Some of the most popular electric bikes are the following:

However, I’ve seen an increase in road/hybrid eBikes that are emerging into the market.

Each one of these eBike types is built differently and therefore, it provides a different range.

For example, rugged hunting eBikes come with lots of power, but they also come with larger (extended-range) batteries that add a bit more weight to the eBike but provide a decent range for riders who need to tackle down rough terrains.

Also worth mentioning is that electric bikes can be equipped with two different motor types: mid-drive or rear-hub motors. In some cases, eBikes come with two motors where each motor is placed in each wheel hub.

On top of that, electric bikes come with either a pedal-assist system or a throttle. Some eBikes come equipped with both options which also makes them legal in any state and almost anywhere around the world.

How Far Can You Commute on an Electric Bike?


Switching to an electric bike as your primary commuting vehicle can definitely pay off.

Not only you can save money, but if you purchase an eBike with a financing plan, you can have the eBike pay itself off.

Folding or city eBikes are ideal commuting eBikes because they’re designed to provide everything a regular city commuter would require.

This includes enough power but also lightness, durability, and a long-range so you never have to experience the range anxiety.

Therefore, on average, you will be able to commute at least 35 miles on an electric bike that’s ideal for commuting. However, in many cases, the range will go way up to 60+ miles.

However, you should also keep in mind that most commuting eBikes come with a removable battery so you can take it and charge it anywhere you go.

With that being said, you shouldn’t really worry about the range of a quality eBike if you’re only planning to commute.

Also, if you need an extra bit of range, you can always purchase a second battery and keep it on your rack or in a backpack. If you’re going for longer rides, taking a solar eBike charger with you will keep you going even when your battery drains out.

How Fast Can an Electric Bike Go?


Now that I’ve answered you how far can you go on an electric bike, we’re onto the next thing which is the speed.

Once you know the range, all you need is the speed to know how long will it take you to reach your destination (on average).

The speed of an electric bike comes down to the class. There are 3 eBike classes:

  • Class 1
  • Class 2
  • Class 3

Almost all Class 1 & 2 eBikes stop providing power once the 20 MPH is reached. However, Class 3 eBikes can provide speed up to 28 MPH, but you have to be aware that Class 3 is not allowed to be used on the road in some states.

But if that’s the case in your state, you have nothing to worry about. Either choose a Class 1 or Class 2 eBike with a pedal assistant system. This will allow you to pedal as fast as you can and reach any speed you physically can achieve without spending too much energy.

If you choose an eBike that comes with throttle power, you’ll still be able to use your pedals but there won’t be a system in place that will help you achieve higher speeds without putting as much effort.

I should also mention that there are eBikes that come with both throttle power and PAS which allow you to choose which powering system you want to use (depending on your local laws and your riding location).


Electric bikes are super convenient, are a great purchase (and even a great investment), and if you purchase from a decent retailer and you use a financing plan – you can pay monthly and even have the eBike pay itself off if you replace your regular commuting vehicle.

So how far can you go on an electric bike? As far as you wish! Of course, there are some limits to keep in mind – but there are options to keep going even when your battery is empty.

Also, range anxiety shouldn’t be an issue for commuting eBikes as you can always continue pedaling on your own.

What is your favorite benefit of an electric bike and why?

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