How Fast do Electric Bikes Go?


Electric bikes are a huge convenience, they’re very affordable to run, and they are great for the environment. Of course, they’re also very fun to ride, but how fast do electric bikes go?

If that’s what you’re wondering, you’re in the right place! Down below, not only you’ll find the top speeds of most common electric bikes, but you will also learn what determines the speed and which class type is the best fit for your needs.

Of course, I’ll also show you how to calculate the range of an eBike as it’s a factor that’s as important as speed for most riders, so keep on reading!

How Fast do Electric Bikes Go?


If you’ve checked out a couple of eBikes I’ve reviewed in the past, you could notice that most of these eBikes are limited to about 28 MPH.

But how come eBikes with powerful motors don’t achieve above the average speeds?

Most eBikes have their speed limited to either 15 MPH or 28 MPH and this is due to legal reasons. With that being said, the speed limit will depend on the state you live in or even the country where you live in.

In practice, the more powerful eBike is, the greater speeds it can achieve. But in most states and countries, you will have to use all power of your eBike off the road.

Since electric bikes had to be legalized to limit the harmful effects of them being ridden in the traffic, there are legal classes in place.

The chances are you’ve noticed these class types, but I’ll explain them in-depth down below so keep on reading!

What’s the Top Speed of an Electric Bike?


If there was no speed limiter in place, most average eBikes would be able to easily achieve speeds of up to  46 MPH.

However, this will require you to remove the speed limiter in which case, you will only be able to ride your eBike offroad. With that being said, I am not sure if this would pay off since bumpy off-road rides aren’t always about the top speed.

This requires DIY and it’s not highly recommended. People still do it though.

No matter if you have a throttle or pedal assist eBike, you won’t be able to unlock the potential speed of your eBike without removing the speed limiter.

But since eBikes aren’t manufactured to work at these high-end speeds, your range will significantly drop and you might even put more wear on your motor in the long run.

Therefore, this is something you should really consider before you look into removing the speed limiter off of your eBike.

Also, keep in mind that you can reach higher speeds manually by pedaling your eBike as well as using the motor.

How Fast Does a 1000W Electric Bike Go?


1000W electric bike can easily reach 32 MPH, or even higher if it’s pedal-assisted and you use more of your own energy to achieve the higher speed.

I believe that this is a perfect speed that will help you get everywhere quicker without breaking any sweat at all! On top of that, you’ll be able to still achieve a great range.

However, if you’re not afraid of breaking some sweat, you could achieve even a higher speed by pedaling your eBike.

eBike Class Types


One of the biggest differences among the eBikes is the Class Type and the power type.

Every eBike is either powered with the throttle, pedal assistance, or both (with the ability to remove the throttle to comply with the local laws).

And when it comes to Class Types, there are 3 of them:

  • Class Type 1 – low-speed, pedal-assisted, eBike with a 20 MPH speed limit
  • Class Type 2 – low-speed, throttle-assisted, eBike with a 20 MPH speed limit
  • Class Type 3 – higher-speed, pedal-assisted, eBike with a 28 MPH speed limit

These classes specify the way eBike is powered and the speed they’re limited to. Each state allows one or even two types for road use while mostly type 3 is only for off-road use.

So how fast do electric bikes go? They can go pretty fast but this is what you should keep in mind!

How Fast Can a 3000W eBike Go?


Electric bikes are getting upgraded and with each lineup release, we can see better and better electric bikes.

The newest eBike technology at the time of writing is a dual-motor (all-wheel-drive) electric bike with two batteries.

These eBikes often come with either 1000W or 1500W motors and since there are two of them, they total about 3000W of power.

But are these some of the fastest eBikes on the market? Yes, they are!

Of course, 3000W eBikes also come limited to one of the class types (often classified as type 3). However, if you had the speed limit removed, you would easily be able to achieve about 62 MPH (or even higher)!

If you are considering doing this, I highly recommend being cautious as traveling 62 MPH on any eBike can seem scary and be hazardous!

How to Quickly Calculate the Electric Bike Range?


Speed isn’t everything and some riders prefer longer range than faster speed.

But what if I told you that you can get both? Yes, it’s true!

Quality electric bikes that come with at least a 750W or 1000W motor and a long-distance range battery, can achieve the top speed of 32 MPH, and yet still cover anywhere between 40 to 60 miles on a single charge!

Of course, the range also depends on the weather conditions, rider’s weight, whether or not you’re hauling a cargo trailer, and the type of terrain you ride.

If you’re wondering how to quickly calculate the eBike range, eBikeGeneration provides a quick range calculator where you have to provide only two information:

  • Power of the eBike’s motor
  • Battery specifications

The calculator will then show you the average range you will be able to achieve with such an eBike configuration.


How fast do electric bikes go? They can go as fast as you wish them to go, however, that’s not always the smartest decision!

I hope that this article helped you learn everything about the correlation between power, battery, and the range you can achieve on a single charge.

While some eBikes are more powerful than others, there isn’t a huge difference in the top speed as it’s often limited to comply with one of the class types.

It’s very likely that the top speed of your eBike will be limited to the speed your state uses as the top limit. ¬†Even though removing the speed limiter to go faster off the road isn’t recommended, if you’re looking for the extra bit of fun and you’re not worried about the added wear to your eBike – I say go for it!

What is the fastest you ever went on an eBike? How fast would you like to go?

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