How Heavy is a Bike? You’d be Surprised!


If you ever had to lift your bike and carry it even for a short distance, you might wonder how heavy is a bike?

Some cycling disciplines such as road biking benefit from a light bike. However, other disciplines might not be so worried about the weight of the average bike.

But what if you are only using a bike to commute and you have to either carry your bike up the stairs? I’m sure that the average bicycle weight would definitely become important!

Down below, you’ll find out the average bike weight, what is a light or a heavy bike, and how to shave off a couple of pounds off your bike!

How Heavy is a Bike?


All bikes weigh differently and to find out the average weight of a bike, it’s best if I split the weight into categories according to bike types.

Therefore, here’s a breakthrough of bike types and their average weight:

  • Road bikes – 17-18 lbs
  • Mountain bikes – 21-29 lbs
  • City bikes – 35-40 lbs
  • Folding bikes – 20-25 lbs
  • eBikes – 40-60 lbs
  • Kids bikes – 20 to 25 lbs

Of course, these are the average weights and each bike type can have lighter, but also heavier bikes.

But what determines the weight of a bike? That’s very simple. It’s the frame and components of the bike.

However, even additional components and accessories can add a couple of pounds. For example, if you’re curious to find out how much your bike weighs, you should include the seat, pedals, and even accessories you might have installed.

But what is too heavy or too light for a bike? Keep on reading to find out! If you’re in pursuit of a new bike, the information below will help you find a bike that’s not too heavy and yet provides great results for the budget.

Does Bike Weight Really Matter?


The weight of a bike isn’t very importnat if you’re only riding on the weekends or if you commute only when it’s sunny outside.

Average bicycle weight is important for everyone who wants to go faster and yet move quicker from the moment they put pressure on the pedals.

But I highly recommend everyone to try and shave off a couple of pounds off of their bike. Why?

Not many riders know that even the difference in a couple of pounds can make a huge difference in the long run. The improvements might not be noticeable for shorter rides, but it’ll definitely be clear that you’ve gained an advantage on longer rides.

The lighter the bike is, the easier it is to reach higher speeds from zero, and even maintain these speeds while using less energy than you would initially need to use.

And of course, it’s always easier to lift and carry a lighter bike, right?

Is a 20 LB Bike Heavy?is-a-20-lb-bike-heavy


20 pounds seem like the most average bike weight for all bike types, but is a 20 lb bike heavy?

It depends on a couple of things such as the type of your bike, your riding style & purpose, and even the requirements for a lighter bike.

In my opinion, anything over 20 lbs for road bikes is heavy. On the other hand, mountain bikes and city bikes aren’t heavy if they weigh only 20 lbs.


Because some bike types have a higher weight average due to the frame construction and additional equipment.

And if your bike weighs anywhere between 25 to 30 lbs, it is relatively cheap and easy to get the weight down to 20 lbs by swapping a couple of components.

Is 32 Pounds Heavy for a Bike?


Again, 32 pounds might seem very heavy for some bikes (road bikes) and yet it can be below the average bicycle weight for other bike types.

For example, BMX bikes weigh anywhere between 25 to 40 pounds on average. Therefore, 32 pounds isn’t too heavy for a BMX bike.

And if you have a look at my chart above, 32 pounds is actually light for electric bikes and city bikes!

Therefore, this is again the situation where you have to consider the purpose of your bike, your riding style, and the benefits of shaving about dozen of pounds off your bike.

For example, if you’re a BMX rider, having a BMX bike that’s slightly on the heavier side isn’t necessarily a disadvantage. Instead, if you can learn tricks and perform them well on a slightly heavier BMX bike when you upgrade to a lighter bike, tricks will be even easier to perform!

Therefore, you can use slightly heavier bikes to your advantage as long as you’re not after increasing the speed.

What’s the Lightest Bike Frame Material?


The bike frame is the main component that will determine the average weight of a bike. If you ever wondered how heavy is a bike, you might have tried lifting up the bike by grabbing the frame.

The truth is that additional components can definitely add weight to your bike, but the frame can add the most weight because of its construction, size, and material used in the production.

Steel is the heaviest yet the most durable bike frame material. On the other hand, aluminum is a great competitor as it can shave off a lot of weight and yet is still durable and long-lasting.

If you’re after the lightest bike frame materials, you’ll have to look for carbon or titanium (also known as TI). These are the two lightest, longest-lasting, and also most expensive materials.

Titanium is as strong as steel and yet it weighs half the steel bike frame, and it’s as half as stiff which improves comfort.

So if you ever wondered why are some of the professional road bikes so expensive – it all comes down to the production quality.


So how heavy is a bike? It all depends on a couple of factors, but if you are feeling that the bike is too heavy for you or you feel like you’re wasting a lot of energy due to the weight – it’s time to do something about it!

Replacing components for lighter components can always do the trick to help you shave off a couple of pounds off of your bike.

However, replacing the bike frame with a lighter frame is always the best way to go about it! Of course, not everyone requires top-end results and that’s okay.

That’s why it’s important to know your needs and goals to match your bike’s weight to your preference.

How heavy is your bike? How light would you like it to be?

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