How to Choose a Bike Lock


Securing your precious bike is important even if you just hit the store down the road for a couple of minutes.

But using your bike for daily commuting gives thieves more opportunity to target your bike by learning your routine.

That’s why, in this article, you will learn how to choose a bike lock for superior quality and ability to withstand maximum destruction.

Needless to say, a couple of quality bike locks can make your bike less attractive to thieves – and that’s exactly what this post will teach you to do!

Bike Lock Types

Three main bike lock types are:

  • Chain lock
  • D-lock
  • Cable and combination locks

Chain Locks


The toughest type of chains out there is chain lock and even though they offer the strongest resistance to tools often used by thieves – they come with a downside as well.

The main downside is their weight which sacrifices a bit of portability but if your main goal is to scare away even the most equipped thief out there – chain locks are your best bet.



D-locks are very tough and they combine portability with a strength which makes them one of the most popular choices out there.

They’re fairly easy to carry since they’re light and you can even attach it to a bike. But due to their compact size, they can be a bit harder to loop around the bike which

Cable and Combination Locks


The most convenient type of locks is cable and combination locks. They’re lightweight, very easy to loop around the bike, and very easy to carry.

However, they offer the least protection and they can even attract the thieves due to their inability to withstand force.

What to Look Out for When Choosing a Bike Lock?


Now when you know the 3 main types of bike locks available out there – it’s a bit easier to choose a lock you will need.

However, there are still a couple of things you should pay attention to. Even if you browse one type of bike locks – you would still get hundreds or even thousands of locks out there and it’s important to know what aspects to look out for.

Therefore, here are 5 main aspects you should look out for when choosing a bike lock:

  • Type
  • Strength & Portability
  • Price
  • Purpose


As you have previously seen, there are 3 main bike lock types. Each one of them offers a different level of strength and portability.

We highly recommend focusing on the type of lock you would be willing to carry around without a problem and a lock type that will offer a required strength to protect your bike.

Strength & Portability


The sole purpose of getting a bike lock is to be able to protect your bike from thieves and that’s why strength is important.

Some of the strongest bike locks on the market tend to be the heaviest ones. Even though this is justified – some bike riders still can’t afford to be slowed down by a heavy bike lock.

On the other hand, some of the most versatile and portable locks offer the lowest strength possible.

Luckily, the best option for most riders is the “golden middle” which offers a great balance between versatility and strength.


Some of the best bike locks are a bit pricier than the others – but I must agree that there are some decent locks that are just way too overpriced.

Therefore, it’s important to set your budget and learn how to choose a bike lock first before investing your money into a quality bike lock.

I am the first person who would invest a bit more money into a very reliable and quality lock than seeing my lock being snapped down and a bike missing.

If you are on a tight budget, there are still decent options out there which could offer decent protection until you have the chance to upgrade.



What is the number one reason you have to lock down your bike? For some bike riders, the reason would be daily commuting.

However, others might not have a great parking space or abilities to take their bikes into the building so they need to up their bike’s security.

Determining your needs can help you learn more about things that have to be taken care of with a bike lock.

Should You Invest in a Pricier Bike Lock?


As I’ve mentioned earlier – some of the strongest (and best) bike locks often come with a higher price tag.

But are they really worth the price or should you just settle with a bike lock that’s decent enough?

I believe that anyone who has the opportunity to invest in the best quality there is – should do it. Especially if you own an expensive bike.

However, what I don’t recommend is going for just any expensive bike lock out there even if you have money. There are plenty of locks that are marketed in a certain way to help the brand increase its product prices, when in fact, their quality is mediocre.

If you’re on a budget – I recommend either settling down with a decent option (if it’s urgent) or saving for a quality bike lock that will be good enough to protect your precious bike.

After all, your bike is on the stake and if you have to leave it parked somewhere in the public – you want it to be as much protected as possible, right?


Investing in more than 1 lock is highly recommend and I even wrote a post that explains the best lock down techniques every bike rider should know.

Even though this guide is fairly simple – it’s all about learning the advantages and disadvantages of 3 main bike lock types.

Then, you can take it from there to find the right bike lock that will fit your needs and keep it protected at all costs for a certain price.

However, if you still need help – feel free to check out my review post where I compared some of the best bike locks for everyone’s budget.

Now when you know how to choose a bike lock – I wish you a happy bike lock hunt and many more safe rides!

What is your favorite bike lock type? What would be the best bike lock brand you would recommend to everyone?

Feel free to leave a comment down below and share your opinion, ask questions, or even share a story – I’d love to hear from everyone!

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