How to Finance an Electric Bike?


Electric bikes are on the rise and if you really know how electric bikes can benefit your everyday life – they’re a no-brainer decision. The truth is that they can be expensive – but they’re an investment. So if you’re here, you’re probably wondering how to finance an electric bike, and you’re in the right place!

Down below, I’ll show you how to finance your next electric bike and afford it for only a couple of hundred dollars a month!

I’ll also show you how to finance high-end hunting electric bikes but also teach you how to make the eBike pay itself off!

Benefits of Financing an Electric Bike


I get it, electric bikes can be expensive. But even though you might find them expensive right now, I bet that the idea of getting an eBike is still somewhere in the back of your mind!

Of course, electric bikes are useful, they are eco-friendly, they can save you a ton of money, and they can be fun. So why wouldn’t you be able to immediately purchase your eBike?

The thing about financing plans is that not only you’ll get to ride your new eBike in the next couple of days – but they also don’t come with interest so you’re only paying the price of the eBike.

Therefore, even if you have the money – why spend all of it at once when you can pay monthly and still enjoy the eBike from day one.

However, the greatest thing about financing an electric bike is that, if you use the eBike to replace your daily commute, you can save a lot of money and have the eBike pay itself off.

How cool is that, right?

Nothing is impossible and getting your first eBike (or the second one, I don’t judge!) is a lot easier, thanks to financing plans from eBike retailers.

How to Finance an Electric Bike?


Finding financing plans in-stores that will fit your budget and your needs can be quite hard. However, if you shop online – things become a lot easier.

I highly recommend finding a decent store that sells a wide range of eBikes and then sees if they offer a financing plan.

My favorite electric bike store is eBikeGeneration as they partnered up with some of the best electric bike manufacturers on the market so you know you’re only browsing quality eBikes at their store.

This store also features one of the greatest financing plans on the market. They allow you to purchase any eBike available in their store through their financing plan and yet they have a 0% interest rate.

No credit card is needed, you get credit decisions in seconds, and you can even use a PayPal Credit account to get yourself a great deal.

But of course, if you have a credit card – you can use your credit card to get a financing plan. But if not, you can also use Klarna or QuadPay.

So is there anything else you’d need?

Other than personal information & details, and a bit of your time – you don’t need anything else. It doesn’t cost you anything to check if you’re a great fit for the financing plan and the whole process is very simple.

The greatest thing about such financing plans is that they’re direct so you make a financing plan directly through the store as they support it – rather than making the deal with a third-party company first and then purchasing the eBike in any available store.

I get asked a lot how to finance a hunting electric bike (or how to finance an electric bike in general) – and the answer is simple.

Find a decent eBike store and check if they have financing available.

What are the Requirements to Get Approved for Financing?


If you choose PayPal, you’ll need to provide the following information when applying for the PayPal credit:

  • Name and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Income after the tax
  • The last 4 digits of your Social Security Number

This is all you will need and you’ll know instantly if you’re accepted. However, the acceptance rate is pretty high so you shouldn’t overly worry if you are a great fit.

But if PayPal doesn’t work out – the second-best option is definitely Klarna. You won’t even need to provide as much information and you won’t need a credit card or a bank account.

The last option is Quad Pay and the only downside is that it’s suitable for eBike up to $2,000. If you’ve been eyeing a bit more expensive eBike – you’ll have to either finance it through PayPal or Klarna.

Since eBikeGeneration partnered up with the financial institutions to save you time and make the process easier for you – things are a lot easier and once you get approved, eBikeGeneration will ship their eBike right away.

Are Electric Bikes Worth it?


I’ve been an avid cyclist ever since I knew for myself, but I’m also a big fan of technology. Electric bikes are a great combination of a hobby I’m very passionate about and technology.

However, electric bikes provide many other benefits – such as:

  • Decent travel speed
  • A great range so you can commute back and forth
  • Low charging cost
  • Eco-friendly
  • No licensing or insurance requirements
  • Efficient hill climbing or wind-fighting

Not only is it very cheap to fully charge an eBike, but you can even go further by investing in a solar panel charger for eBikes. This will help you to save a lot of money on your bill and charge your eBike free (even when you’re on the go).

But if you replace your daily car commute to work with an eBike – you’ll be able to save a lot of money which will eventually go towards the monthly payment for the eBike (having the eBike pay itself off with just a little bit of your own effort).

So if you’ve been checking out an electric bike you like a lot – there’s no more time wasted by saving the money!

Instead, take everything you’ve learned in here on how to finance an electric bike and start enjoying your new eBike in just a couple of days!


Learning how to finance an electric bike isn’t difficult and in reality, it’s a 3-step process. All you have to do is find a decent store that has partnered up with financial institutions and offers a financing plan.

This will help you save time but also save energy by having to do all of the hard work by yourself. From there, choose an eBike you like, apply for the financing – and enjoy your eBike within as soon as it arrives at your home!

What is your favorite benefit of an electric bike? Do you think a financing plan is really a smart way to purchase an eBike?

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