Best Mountain Bike Trailer for Hunting


Most eBike and mountain bike riders who like to go off the trail or go hunting deep in the forest are afraid of one thing – not having enough storage space. Well, in this article, you’ll find the solution which is the mountain bike trailer for hunting.

With the increase in popularity of hunting eBikes – accessories, such as trailers and cargos have been on the increase.

Therefore, there are a couple of really quality brands that produce durable & long-lasting cargo trailers that can attach to the eBike or a mountain bike which expands the storage drastically.

So if you’re looking to stop depending on the bike’s rack or pannier bags – keep on reading to find more about the bike trailer for your mountain bike!

Bakcou Folding Hunting Trailer Review

One of the most affordable trailers that is built to last for long is the Bakcou folding hunting trailer. Therefore, I believe it’s also the best choice for a mountain bike trailer for hunting.


Mountain bikes are the best for off-road riding and hunting eBikes are made from reinforced designs of mountain bikes. Therefore, a trailer such as the one I’ve mentioned is really a great investment that won’t break your bank!

But not only that. It’ll also help you with a number of benefits that will be useful to have down the road. Keep on reading to learn more about the benefits you can expect from this trailer!

Great Build Quality


Even I get to other features and benefits – I have to mention the excellent build quality. I am not really sure how Bakcou pulled this off, considering the price tag, but it’s definitely a durable trailer you’d want to take off the road with you.

It only weighs about 42 lbs and yet you can carry up to 200 lbs of gear. You’ll never find yourself doing multiple trips as you’ll have everything you need to carry everything in one trip and that is:

  • Great durable construction
  • Plenty of space
  • Great capacity


One of the biggest features and benefits of the Bakcou trailer is the foldability. Not only it’s made foldable to save space, but it’s also made to lay flat when folded so you can easily transport it in any vehicle.

When you’re ready, just unfold it with the simple mechanism, attach it to your mountain eBike, load it up and you’re ready to move!

Decent Size


The cargo trailer area is 16.5″ W x 40.5″ L x 10″ H. This offers a great amount of storage space inside the trailer with a pretty great stackability without having to worry you might lose something on your way.

The outside wheel width is only 30″ and the total length of the trailer is 70″. However, when you attach the trailer to your bike, the extra length is only 50″.

Durable Fat Tires

The truth is that Bakcou folding trailer doesn’t come with the most rugged tires, but they’re fat tires that offer a great width which makes them suitable for trails and off-road rides.

Tires are 20″ and are wide 3″ and are equipped with an in-liner that prevents simple punctures that might be a lifesaver in many situations.

Wheels come with a quick-release mechanism which improves the foldability feature and really makes this trailer the most compatible trailer on the market.

Great Capacity


Even though the average capacity is about 200 lbs – I have to let you know that the capacity can depend on the weight of your stuff in combination with the type of surface you’re riding on.

Harder and rockier trails will put more strain onto the trailer (as there is no suspension) and it’s highly recommended to go a bit lighter with the maximum capacity of about 180 lbs.

I think this is important to stick to it because even though you might not find yourself in many situations like this – but it can prolong the life of your trailer in the long run.

But if you don’t require such a large capacity and you’d rather have a bit more compact trailer – Bakcou also has a Compact Gear Trailer that might be a better choice if you’re looking for better compactness.

Easy Installation & Compatibility

Even though this mountain bike trailer for hunting is made by Bakcou, it fits all Bakcou eBikes but also non-Bakcou eBikes.

Of course, this trailer is built for use with eBikes – but I believe that it can fit almost any mountain bike with a rear rack installed.

The installation is pretty simple, but here’s one thing you should keep in mind if you don’t own a Bakcou eBike. You will need a Bob Axle to install this trailer.

You can get the Bob Axle from Robert Axle Project, and once you have the Bob Axle in place on your mountain bike – the installation process will be as simple as if you owned a Bakcou eBike.

Get it Now!

How Much Does Mountain Bike Trailer for Hunting Costs?


Bakcou folding hunting trailer usually costs $319, but with a discount from eBikeGeneration, this mountain bike trailer for hunting costs only $299.

I believe that this is a pretty great price considering the overall value this trailer provides. But if you’re looking to get an even better deal – I highly recommend checking out financing plans, such as the one available from eBikeGeneration.

With a financing plan, you can get this hunting trailer for only $50/month (with no interest).

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Trailers for bikes were never as popular as they are nowadays. I believe this has to do with the popularity and advantages of electric bikes.

And not only we have one design that applies to everything, but there are different types of trailers. Therefore, this is a perfect mountain bike trailer for hunting – but there are also many other types that are worth checking out if this trailer doesn’t meet your needs!

What is your favorite feature of the Bakcou mountain bike trailer?

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      you will need a Bob Axle from Robert Axle Project to attach this trailer to a Rambo eBike. What Rambo eBike model do you have?

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