Rambo VS Quietkat eBikes – Who is Better?


Chances are you have been browsing electric bikes, and you might come across electric hunting bikes. Two brands are very high on the list of top manufacturers – and the question is Rambo VS Quietkat for many eBike riders.

While these are two different brands, they’re doing a really good job at producing high-quality electric bikes that fit any type of rider. Whether you’re looking for an eBike for a commute, to enjoy off-road rides, or to go hunting – both Rambo and Quietkat got your back.

Down below, I’ll share more information on both brands, but also showcase some of their best eBikes to eventually, help you with your choice!

But I have to warn you, it’s going to be a hard one!

Rambo VS Quietkat

Even though both companies have one thing in common – producing high-quality all-terrain eBikes, they’re a bit different.

Quietkat is one of the top companies that produce electric fat-tire mountain bikes, which includes all-terrain eBikes.

Their main goal is to produce unbreakable eBikes that will allow people (and even hunters) access to off-road areas no one has ever been to before. At the same time, they’re doing their best to make this a fast, fun, and most importantly – sustainable way.

This is just one of the reasons hunters are loving the Quietkat brand and all the awesome off-road eBikes they have to offer.

On the other hand, Rambo is a company that’s built on a love for the outdoors with emphasis on woods and fields. Therefore, it can look like Rambo’s mission is to help hunters and everyone who likes to go way deep into the forest.

Even though they were not the first company to start producing robust fat-tire eBikes based on the reinforced mountain bike frames – they’ve quickly risen to the top by manufacturing only the best eBikes on the market.

Both brands have different variations of eBikes and while Quietkat is mostly focused on providing a great lineup of eBikes with various power ranges – Rambo is focused on providing the most rugged eBikes with that are based on two different motor types: rear hub and a mid-drive motor.

I am a big fan of both brands and even if you’ve just learned about both brands – I think the only fair way to find out which brand you prefer is by comparing the best eBike both brands have to offer!

So Rambo VS Quietkat? Keep on reading to find out!

Rambo’s Best eBike: Rampage Xtreme Performance

I had a tough choice choosing between the Rampage Xtreme Performance and Megatron 1000W. Both these eBikes are one of the best eBikes coming from Rambo, but also the best eBikes on the market.

I chose Rampage Xtreme Performance as the best Rambo eBike as it comes with crazy features that will make you feel like you’re not riding a bike anymore!



Rambo designed Rampage Xtreme Performance upon a customer request who did only want to settle for the best of the best. Therefore, Rampage is equipped with the full high-end full suspension. In combination with Maxxis Minion 27.5″ x 2.8″ tires, it’s only fair to ride this beast far off the trail.

Even the seat is comfortable so yes, you will actually be able to enjoy rides deep into the forest!

Made for Extreme Performance


As the name says it all, Rambo Rampage Xtreme Performance is made for only one thing. Extreme performance.

It’s equipped with a Bafang 1000W Ultra-Drive motor and a long-distance Samsung 48V 21Ah battery. On top of that, this eBike is equipped with a thumb throttle, which is just one of many reasons why I think you’ll forget that you’re riding a bike!

Regardless of the high-end performance, believe it or not, you can cover about 60 miles on average with Rambo Rampage.

And judging by the components such as the Tektro disc brakes, no costs were spared in building the ultimate off-road eBike.

Suitable for Anyone Who Dares to Ride it


What I like the most is that the tires aren’t too fat yet they’re more than enough to handle the rough terrain.

After all, this eBike is made for rough terrain way off the trails. It’s one of the most popular eBikes for hunters, but I like that Rambo Rampage wasn’t only built for hunters.

It’s built for anyone who wants to experience the extreme rides on the toughest terrains. Therefore, it’s more than suitable for trail lovers and mountain bike riders.

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Quietkat’s Best eBike: Jeep by Quietkat

It would only be fair to choose the best of the best from Quietkat’s line up as well, and this time, I didn’t have a tough time.

I went for one of the best eBikes Quietkat made. In fact, they made it in partnership with Jeep. Now, everyone knows how a good Jeep rides, right?

You can expect the same for this eBike, right? But one thing is for sure. I doubt that Jeep would be making this eBike in partnership with Quietkat if they weren’t one of the best on the market!

All Terrain – All Electric


Jeep and Quietkat had one thing in mind. Make a fully electric bike that is suitable for any terrain. Result?

I believe the result is Jeep by Quietkat, one of the most capable off-road eBikes on the market. It’s truly an eBike that can’t wait to hit the off-road and while most turn around when the road ends – that’s when Jeep eBike goes for an adventure.

Even though the range isn’t as great as Rambo’s Rampage – I still believe that this is one of the greatest choices for many adventurers who can’t wait to drop their mountain bike and take this bad boy for a ride.

Adventure Awaits


Quietkat and Jeep aren’t just saying adventure but they’re showing that this eBike is ready for it through the components.

This eBike features 4.8″ fat tires that are made to tackle, not only the toughest terrain but also the most extreme weather conditions (including snow).

Fire-Link suspension isn’t there to only provide more comfort. It’s there to also provide better traction and riding capability so you won’t ever feel unsafe hitting the trails at high speeds.

Power & Performance


With a full suspension, 9-speed gearing system, and a 750W motor that offers an upgrade choice to 1000W – such power is made for the ultimate performance.

The motor can produce 160nm of torque that’s combined with both pedal assist and thumb throttle.

With such a combination (including all other components), nothing will stop this eBike. Of course, except the 4 piston hydraulic brakes disc brakes that are paired with 203mm rotors to provide confidence & stopping power when you need it the most.

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Should You Go for a Rambo or Quietkat eBike?


Honestly, this is a very tough choice. Both brands are extraordinary and they produce some of the best eBikes on the market.

These eBikes fit a couple of types of people and yet they meet dozens of different needs. One thing is for sure, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Of course, I compared the best eBikes from both brands – but they have many other models in their lineups that are worth checking out.

Even though these are the top of the end models, don’t let the price scare you off. With a proper financing plan, you can get these eBikes from about $150-$200 a month.

But I believe one thing. These eBikes are not made to be bikes. They’re made to be the ultimate off-road machines!


The choice can be hard, but I recommend checking out both brands and checking all of their available eBikes. This will help you learn more about the brands but also find out more about your needs.

When you know your needs and you start liking one brand more than the other one – that’s the time to narrow your search, find a couple of models, and find a proper financing plan.

When you set your mind to one eBike – everything else will fall in place and believe me, you’ll never regret your decision!

Who do you prefer – Rambo VS Quietkat?

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