What is the Bicycle Tune Up Cost & And How to Tune Up Your Bike for Free?


Just like you maintain your vehicle – you have to maintain your bicycle. But what is the bicycle tune up cost?

Can it be done for way cheaper? And can you even do it by yourself?

We all support local bike shops – but in the end, they have to make money as well. ┬áRegular bike check-ups and tune-ups are the main sources of income for most small bike shops.

It makes sense, right? Every bicycle needs a tune-up.

However, down below, you’ll find out everything that’s included in the bike tune-up, what is the average expected cost, and how often should you tune up your bicycle.

But even better yet, you’ll find out whether you could tune up your bicycle yourself, right at home with basic tools you have in your garage – so keep on reading!

How Often Should You Tune-Up Your Bicycle?


Most of the riders, including me, tend to think that the perfect time to tune up our bicycles is the Spring. If you are not much of a winter rider – you’d know what I mean.

But is it once a year enough? This is the most common question.

I highly recommend doing bicycle maintenance at least once a year. This is the minimum. But does this mean you should do more than one bicycle tune-up a year?

If you ride every day, you don’t store your bike during the winter – you should tune up your bike a lot more often than once a year.

So how many tune-ups should you do a year?

The most active riders (described previously) should tune up their bike every couple of months. Depending on your bike type, quality of your bike components, and how you ride your bike – this will range from 3 to 6 tune-ups a year.

If you are not the most active rider out there, but you still ride often – doing at least 2 or 3 tune-ups a year will be more than good enough.

What is Included in The Tuning Check-Up Service?


If you have previously just dropped your bike at the local bicycle shop – you could’ve wondered what do they do to your bike?

For sure, it runs perfectly after you pick it up and the difference is visible.

But did you ever wonder if you could do the tune-up yourself and whether you could’ve got it done for cheaper elsewhere?

If yes – here’s exactly what a tuning check-up service consists of no matter the bike type:

  • Cleaning of oil, dirt, and grease
  • Checking components for damage (mostly derailleurs)
  • Checking the drivetrain quality
  • Inspection of brakes
  • Inspection of tires
  • Adjustment of cable tensions
  • Inspection & adjustment of wheel and frame alignments
  • Inspection & tightening all nuts & bolts
  • Replacement of all worn out parts
  • Application of oil and grease to the moving parts after the cleaning and check-up

This is pretty much everything that’s checked and replaced by your bike. Safety is the most important part of the check-up but the performance is the most important part of the tune-up.

So that looks like a lot, right? So it might justify the price. But are you still wondering if you’re overpaying your bicycle tune-up?

So What is the Average Bicycle Tune Up Cost?


Bicycle tune up costs will definitely vary depending on your location, your bicycle, and even the shop you visit.

Even though these factors might either drive the price up or down – it’s still fairly easy to tell the average price.

For the standard (basic) bicycle tune-up, you can expect to pay anywhere between $70-$80. You’d be surprised that even outside of the US – a similar price applies.

However, I highly recommend checking out local bike shops that have a strong online presence as they might be giving discounts and deals to attract customers.

Take this to your advantage – and you will get your bike ready for another season without breaking the bank.

However, there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget.

The price of the basic bike tune-up is the cost for the time, checks, and replacements of the components. However, every single component that needs to be replaced will cost in addition to the tune-up cost.

Therefore, if this wasn’t transparent enough – you might’ve thought you’re getting ripped off.

I know people who do basic car maintenance themselves – and bicycles in comparison to cars are way too simple, right?

So if you’ve thought you aren’t skilled enough to at least maintain your bike – why not?

Keep on reading to find out how simple it is actually to do at least a basic tune-up of your precious bike!

How to do Bicycle Tune-Up for Free?


Bicycle isn’t a science and even though most people are afraid of messing something up by not doing it correctly – you should know that there’s not much you can mess up.

But for the tune-up to be a success, you should at least know what you’re doing, right?

However, that isn’t a problem since we live in the modern world where we can Google anything or search YouTube for more step-by-step video instructions.

But sometimes having access to so much information can end up being a disadvantage.

Luckily, I have found a very helpful bike maintenance video product that teaches you everything you need to know about bike maintenance step-by-step in the video.

I’ve even written a whole post about how to maintain your own bike – from the easiest things to the most complex things with 200+ step-by-step training videos, 3 different teachers, training on all bike types, and 150-page repair manual book.

Therefore, investing in this Bicycle Maintenance 101 videos could save you a lot more $ in local bike shop visits.


Did you ever try to do the most basic bike maintenance yourself?

Do you take your bike many often for maintenance? We all love our precious bikes but truth to be told – bicycle tune up cost can really add up over the months.

Just like you have toolboxes full of tools you can use at any time – having a digital product for you to use at any time is a great investment.

There’s no more need to visit your local bike shop for the smallest issues with your bicycle. In fact, if you’re a quick learner and you’re dedicated to saving money you spend in a bike shop – you could easily do all your bike maintenance by yourself!

Click Here to Learn More About Bicycle Maintenance 101 Course (200+ step-by-step videos)!

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