Where to Put Bike Lock While Riding? A Simple Solution!


No one likes carrying a backpack on their commutes yet many sacrifices the comfort for protection in order to carry their bike lock. But where to put bike lock while riding?

You probably had dozens of ideas and yet you still don’t have a place on your bike that works the best, right?

I agree that bike locks can be heavy and bulky yet going for a commute without bringing one can’t happen!

Therefore, find out the best way to safely place a bike lock on your bike for the next ride, and even locking tips that will improve the security of your bike!

Where to Put Bike Lock While Riding?


Nothing feels better than a ride where you don’t have to carry anything heavy and yet aren’t distracted by things such as a bike chain.

If you’ve wondered where to put a bike lock while riding, here are a couple of options:

  • Backpack
  • Around the bike frame
  • On the handlebars
  • Around the neck/shoulder

The chances are you’ve been doing at least a couple of them so far. However, the thing I don’t like about these options (and I am probably not alone) is that the lock isn’t fixed to the bike yet it keeps moving around.

Not only it is a distraction but it can be a potential danger when you’re riding your bike, waving through the traffic, or are around other cyclists.

And having to ride with a backpack to only carry a lock isn’t fun either.

But is there a better option? I knew that there must be a better way and I was right! Keep on reading to find better solutions that will change the way you carry your lock when riding your bike!

Consider Getting a Bike Lock Holder


A bike lock holder? How did no one think of this before, right?

Well, they have and luckily for us, there are hundreds of bike lock holders on the market. Therefore, it’s only a matter of choice to find a bike lock holder that doesn’t only fit your bike well but also looks great.

Of course, the only problem is that most bike lock holders come with a bike lock. This isn’t a problem for people who are in search of a bike lock.

But what if you have a quality bike lock?

Ooopsmark U-Lock Holder


Oopsmark is a great bike lock holder for U-lock-type bike locks.

Ooopsmark dedicated this product to solve one of the biggest biking problems out there. Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to safely carry and put a bike lock on your bike – this is the holder you’re looking for.

U-lock-type bike locks are often the most bulkiest and heaviest out of all bike lock types out there. With that being said, Ooopsmark did their research and provided a great solution.

You can easily and safely attach this bike lock holder to your bike without having to worry about scratching or damaging your bike frame. Ooopsmark bike lock holder attaches behind the saddle and since it’s made of leather, it easily absorbs the shock.

Therefore, your lock won’t get scratched or damaged either since the leather holder will minimize the vibrations and most importantly, remove unwanted noise on your daily rides.

However, keep in mind that you need seat post hooks to attach this bike lock holder to your bike. If you don’t have these types of hooks on your bike seat, there’s nothing to worry about! You can easily purchase them separately and add them to your existing bike seat.

What I also like is that this bike lock holder is versatile so you can attach it to either the rear rack, front basket, or even find a suitable place on your bike.


I’ve seen many plastics or even metal holders that are aimed to be sturdy. Of course, they serve the purpose well, but they create so much noise once you put in the bike lock and go for a ride.

Oh and yes, the Oopsmark U-lock bike lock holder fits most standard U-lock bike locks that range from 4.5″ to 5.5″ and weigh up to 5.5 lbs.

Considering the price, I was really surprised that this bike lock is handmade in Canada and it’s made from genuine leather. If you have a great place on your bike to fit this bike lock holder – I don’t think there’s any better option out there!

Of course, once you get this bike lock holder, you won’t ever wonder where to put a bike lock while riding ever again!

Click Here for the Price of Oopsmark Bike Lock Holder!

Should You Lock Your Front or Back Wheel?


I’ve seen many cyclists wonder if it’s better to lock the front or back wheel. The truth is you should always lock the frame first!

While the front tire is the easiest wheel to steel, you have a lot more money in the rear wheel due to other included components such as a cassette.

The great thing about U-lock bike locks is that you can use them to lock both your frame and rear wheel (right under the seat post frame point).

From there, if you believe that the front wheel is a weak spot (or expensive component to risk), you should use another lock to lock the front wheel either to an object or to your U-lock that you use for the frame and rear wheel.

And now when you know the safest way to lock your bike when you’re running errands, you can improve your locking technique by paying attention to the locking location, keeping the lock higher (so it’s harder to snap), and investing in some of the strongest bike locks on the market.


Hopefully, now you know where to put a bike lock while riding and are aware of the simple yet very useful product that can change the way you carry your bike lock on your rides.

I believe you should never go on a commute or “quickly” run your errands without bringing your lock with you.

Pay attention to the locking techniques and even your choice of the lock to ensure maximum safety!

There’s nothing worse than having your bike stolen, right?

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